Florida School Gets Quartz Floor

Discussion in 'Spotlight on Flooring Professionalism' started by epoxyman, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. epoxyman

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    Had to remove about 300 sf of old 8x8 tile at a school here in Florida and grind down the old thinset then pour back right at 17 bags of Ardex K15 the old floor was had to be built up 1/2 to 3/4 plus was really out of level and not flat
    Then sand it down and go over it with a trowel down quartz floor and base
    Did the same in the kitchen restroom about 45 sf
    I set tap cons with my laser to get the finished floor height I needed had to be flush with the other floor tile.
    Took about 6 days total

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  2. Jim McClain

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    That's a lot of work. Nice job Ron. :good:
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  3. It sure would be nice if a company could make tile from existing tile. Print out 400 ft of green 8x8 porcelain. Tap enter button!
  4. Incognito

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    Looks really nice.

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