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    For over 25 years the Northeastern Ohio Floor Covering Association flourished as a place where retailers and salespersons could go to for information and some fun. They sponsored scholarships for children of members and helped needy ones at holiday time.

    But alas they are no more, lack of interest was cited. No one showed up at events, dues were not paid on time, no one had time to schedule speakers and presenters at events. The list went on and on.

    So my question is how important do you think these things are and do you support them in your area?
  2. I think we're tapped. They are very important but it's difficult to stop everything and attend. There's not much around here, I think the mobile training for the NTCA will be in Orlando , that's a commitment to take off, drive 80 miles, and back, etc. There's not much attendance at anything. These guys are our competition, so how's the comraderie? Prices are so low that we've got no investment money, just enough to believe we are getting by.
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    Yes and then someone needs to run it. Hard to find people to step up sometimes.

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