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Discussion in 'Vinyl Flooring Q&A' started by Bobbie, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. Bobbie

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    We are remodeling a vintage mobile home. We are installing sheet vinyl over laminate planks (which are on top of original 1960's linoleum). We had to patch a lot of areas with additional planks to fill where we had removed kitchen cabinets. A handyman used leveling compound over the laminate planks but we are worried it's not smooth enough to lay the sheet vinyl over. Wondering if we should rip it all out and lay it over the original linoleum or do another round of the leveling compound.
  2. Chris 45

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    Planks should be removed. After that, any loose areas of the old Lino should be cut out so that what is left is solidly adhered to your subfloor. Prolly 2 layers of skim coat or just cap the entire area with 1/4” plywood. Either way, the laminate has to go.
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  3. Incognito

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    Yup, pull the laminate. Everything below would need to be secure 100% for an overlay. That's pretty rare so you will need to follow the directions above. Cut out loose areas and use something equivalent (good luck) to Ardex Feather Finish to patch and skimcoat til the substrate is smooth as glass-------or better.
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    In a lot of those, the vinyl isn't adhered either. Because of moving and hauling the home there.

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