Fix cracks in the grout between bathroom tile (floor and wall)

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  1. Lowes will get me the Mapesil ready for store pick, but its 3 times the cost of Mapei Keracaulk (Latex based) - $8 vs $22. The BASF is like 10 times the cost - $78... whats so special for the same size. seriously?

    Oh I saw good reviews about the GE Advanced Silicone 2. Any takers?

    GE Advanced Silicone 2 10.1 oz. Almond Kitchen and Bath Silicone Sealant Caulk-GE5060 12C - The Home Depot
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  2. epoxyman

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    For the BASF that’s got to be by the case price
    I get it from our local stores runs around 9.50 to 13.00 a tube
  3. GE is good stuff, setting granite and marble back in the day we used Dow Corning.
  4. so for bathroom tiles ok?

    Oh Dowsil. Just googled, I never saw it on the shelves.
  5. epoxyman

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  6. John S

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    Any siliconized grout caulking will fix your issue. Grout should never be installed in an corner transitions anyhow. If TCNA could make mandates, this would definitely be on of them. ON our projects, grout is not acceptable on any corner, whether in a shower or dry area, don't matter, never grout in corners.
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  7. I assume you mean cementitious grout?
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