Fired up about Mannington Adura Max...Made in China

Discussion in 'Vinyl Flooring Q&A' started by bikz, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. Mark Brown

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    the edges do break off.... that is if you install it like laminate. Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck but this time around its kind of a swan.

    I remember the first time I tried to install LVP laminated products. That was funny for about 10 minutes. Then I sat down and realized I was not installing something I was familiar with at all. Hit the reset button on that, tried a different approach and well, money is still in the bank.

    They sure are a different beast and I can see consumers who have worked with traditional laminates being frustrated, Lord knows I was, however it is a very good system.

    Also found said review site. That place is hilarious. Every flooring is terrible, pick a brand, pick a product.... terrible!! This is why I hate reviews. Just a grump fest of anger. Probably bound to get worse the more we get into the DIY universe.
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  2. Mike Antonetti

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    I looked up Tesla reviews and no longer want one , used for about 40k, I’m trying to go electric. Consumer Reports will pull recommendations, Little late after someone purchases.
  3. Tom Potter

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    I'll co sign that!
    Mannington has definitely held up their end and more over the years. There's been jobs where the customer was a complete a$$ and their complaints were their own doing. Where the customer wouldn't listen to anyone in the shop about it's not an issue with the manufacturer. To our entire staff's disappointment, replaced the entire job!!
    They really are great to work with! Our rep is really an awesome guy too.
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  4. Mark Brown

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    Good reps make all the difference in the world. Good representative makes for good reputation. This is my understanding.
  5. Marvin8

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    Huh? Adura Max IS a floating/click system.

    Also, how difficult would it be to install Adura Max click on the diagnonal?
  6. Commercial Floor Rep

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    My point is that they are two entirely different constructions and as such, perform differently in the presence of direct sunlight (also known as thermal expansion/contraction).

    Think of Adura Max as plywood and Adura LockSolid as a piece of solid hardwood. Solid hardwood will expand and contract much more than a piece of plywood due to the cross-ply construction. Same thing with Adura Max and Adura Locksolid, the construction of Adura Max is less susceptible to moving. (No, it is not a cross-ply construction, just using it as an analogy with regard to comparing movement). The solid rigid core of Adura Max just doesn't expand and contract as much as the softer flexible Adura LockSolid.

    While I have not heard rumblings to the effect, it would not surprise me if, down the road, the LockSolid format goes away and Adura Max becomes it's replacement. Mannington has already dropped the LockSolid format in their commercial offering since coming out with a rigid core product (City Park) on the commercial side. I could see with the way sales are trending towards Adura Max and away from Adura LockSolid that the same thing will happen in the residential offering.

    Yes, it can be installed on a diagonal. However, because you can't use your cut pieces to start your next row so your waste factor increases significantly. Instead of the normal 5-10% you may want to figure as much as 25% overage to make sure you have enough to complete the job.

    Sorry for any confusion and hope this helps explain.
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