Fired up about Mannington Adura Max...Made in China

Discussion in 'Vinyl Flooring Q&A' started by bikz, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. bikz

    bikz Member

    OK please tell me give me your thoughts on this:

    My Mannington Adura Max arrived today labeled made in China with NO floor Score Certification sticker on it. Mannington is a company who prides themselves on being AMERICAN MADE with a FLOOR SCORE CERTIFICATION, soooo WTF!!! :mad:

    I have spend countless hours online researching what flooring will be safe for my family...especially after learning that my Chinese imported Lumbar Liquidators LVP flooring was toxic with high phthalates/other carcinogens (so I returned it). I started a topic here and researched the crud out of it (Is Vinyl flooring safe in 2016???). I eventually found the top manufactures and picked out a pattern I was ok with at a much higher price. Finally after seeing most importantly they were "Floor Score Certified" and made in the USA. I threw several thousand $$ at them and I was completely satisfied.

    So when it arrived today with NO Floor Score Certified boxes and the label is large in stating it was made in CHINA, I couldn't help but think is this FRAUD??? I am very mad and even called the company to check prior (about both issues) and verified the seller was a legit Mannington dealer so I did not end up with China copycat crap!!! What should my next move be?

    *BTY: This is after recently finding out (2 years to late) my Lumbar Liquidators Bamboo may be like their laminate and extremely tainted with formaldehyde. We plan after this project to get a formaldehyde test through a environmental engineer. I am trying to prevent this problem from reoccurring.

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  2. Daris Mulkin

    Daris Mulkin The One and Only Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    While you are checking for formaldehyde have them check your furniture or anything that has a particle board core. Its there.


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  3. bikz

    bikz Member

    Yes, I agree it's everywhere, but this is supposedly "off the charts high" (their laminate/MDF board tested was 13x's higher than CARB II regulations) according to 60 mins., CBS, ABC, etc.. news reports done 2 years ago. For a family with a cancer genetic mutation and loss of 2 young family members in 1.5 years this is concerning.
  4. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member

    I thought it was kind of funny when a customer specifically asked for a Made in USA hardwood maybe five years ago, we were delivering it to acclimate a few days before, He saw the label said made in China and said "take it back" more power to him, he was flying the American flag out front of their house.

    You may have old stock, not sure, I'm not privy.
  5. Chris 45

    Chris 45 Director of P.R. on some deserted island. I Support TFP

    I'd be pissed too if I called and asked specific questions about the product and received something other than I was told. That is your ticket for a refund if you want to change your mind on product. Linoleum, ceramic tile, wool carpet and most site finished hardwoods are all formaldehyde free. Gonna cost more but you already know the guarantee.
  6. Commercial Floor Rep

    Commercial Floor Rep I Support TFP Published


    I'm sorry your experience with the Mannington product was less than your expectation. I often times don't weight in much on direct Mannington inquiries because I don't want to appear that I'm trying to promote a product that I'm directly involved with here in the forums, but I will try to provide my insight if it can help the situation.

    Several years ago when Mannington first introduced the Adura LVT almost the entire product category was produced in Asia. China being the largest producer, with South Korea, Japan, and then Malayasia taking the bulk of the rest. There were really only two exceptions at that time Amtico and Centiva were the two main producers of LVT here in the states.

    When Mannington decided to enter into the LVT category they had actually developed their product from the ground up. This was a different approach at the time because most others were simply going to Chinese manufacturers and buying something "off the shelf" that was already being produced and putting there name on it. The reason this is key is that this required people from Mannington (here in the states) to have a continuous presence in the manufacturing plant in China that made the product. Again, the competition for the most part just accepted what was already in place and merely received product into their facility without any oversight in how it was being produced.

    About 6 years ago now, Mannington purchased Amtico which gave them manufacturing capabilities here in the US. They were the first to lead what became an industry trend to onshore LVT to the US. The first actual Mannington products made here were our commercial LVTs and within the last two years our Adura LVT line has been converted over to manufacturing here in the US.

    Adura Max came about due to a new trend in the industry that began to combine LVT with the laminate format. This new combo format is called a WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) and the primary company who led the charge is USFloors. This trent began about 3 years ago and pretty much took the industry by storm. After studying the problems and issues with the WPC format Mannington came up with a twist by eliminating the wood composite core found in WPC and replacing it with a "rigid core" technology. Unfortunately, the equipment investment to do this up front here in the US would have taken too long and would have been cost prohibitive here initially. Mannington's partner in China had equipment that could be adapted and the decision was made to initially build the product there. However, as I stated earlier, there is a continual presence of US Mannington personnel onsite in that plant overseeing the production process and assuring that the standards are being met.

    As Mannington expands operations at their LVT production facility in Georgia, Adura Max will eventually be incorporated into US production.

    I know all of that doesn't help your situation today, but as someone who sells and specifies Mannington products for healthcare projects every day, I can tell you that I have no concerns over any of the products being in those situations or that they could or would potentially harm anyone. I have Mannington products in my own home and my children have grown up on them. While I don't have this particular product in my home I would not hesitate to use it there. I'm just getting too lazy in my old age to install. :)
    I do have Mannington products that were made in China at the same facility that Adura Max is made in for what it's worth.

    The product is FloorScore certified whether the box states it or not. I will ask my contacts as to why or whether or not that information is supposed to be there. Honestly, most residential users of the products have no clue what FloorScore is, so it may have been a decision to just not print it there. At any rate I'll ask and post back the answer.

    I hope this helps in some small way to help you feel better about your choice and if I can answer any questions for you please let me know.

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  7. bikz

    bikz Member

    Commercial Floor Rep you ROCK thank you and I look forward to hearing back from you!
  8. Commercial Floor Rep

    Commercial Floor Rep I Support TFP Published

    Thanks bikz.

    I spoke with the product manager at Mannington who is responsible for the Adura Max line. The FloorScore logo is not on the packaging. He did not elaborate on why that decision was made. However, the product most definitely is FloorScore Certified. I've attached the certificate for you.

    Jim, I do not see any copyrighted information on the certificate that would prevent it from being posted, but please let me know if there is any other issue and we can take it down.

    Again, bikz I hope this helps you feel comfortable with your decision.

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  9. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    You're a good man, Charlie Br... I mean CFR. :yesss:
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  10. Commercial Floor Rep

    Commercial Floor Rep I Support TFP Published

    Thanks and thanks for the kind birthday wishes. I had a great day with my wife. She took me to breakfast, then we went and hung out walking around our local shopping mall for a while, had lunch, and saw the new Harry Potter movie for the second time (we're both huge HP nerds). Then we went to dinner with the kids and my mom and dad at a local Brazilian steak house.

    She scheduled a couples appointment for the day spa for tomorrow - mainly because she thinks it's hilarious for a big old hairy guy like me to get a facial and a foot scrub. I act like I don't enjoy it or it's torture but what she doesn't know is I secretly think it's awesome, although I'll never admit it to her. Of course, after 28 years of putting up with me she knows, believe me. :yesss: That woman has earned her sainthood that's for sure. :yesss:

    Sorry for robbing the thread bikz. Way TMI I'm sure. I guess it just proves even floor geeks are people too. :)
  11. Daris Mulkin

    Daris Mulkin The One and Only Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    Well Happy Birthday CFR. Sounds like you are enjoying it immensely.


  12. bikz

    bikz Member

    Happy B-Day CFR!

    Think I've finally calmed down a bit, thank you for taking the time to explain. At this point I plan on installing the floor.
  13. RZman

    RZman New Member

    Is the Adura Max flooring any good? And is Mannington reputable? It was recommended by contractor but when I look up reviews I see pages of horrible feedback and Mannington just blaming it on sunlight coming through a window or miscellaneous garbage to get out if honoring the warranty. Pls help...
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  14. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member

    Site determination, conditions, and substrate is a major part of the longevity of a type of flooring.
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  15. Mark Brown

    Mark Brown On The Surface Flooring I Support TFP

    Mannington Honor warranty very well. We got 1300 sqft of material out of them from a failure that was entirely the home owners fault. If you do not maintain the floor covering to specifications then sure it can preform poorly. Direct sunlight can be a little bit tricky when it comes to floating vinyl planks but i have to say in the past few years it seems to be getting much better. The reason people complain about not being able to claim on a warranty is usually because they did not read and fully understand it before they began. If the stipulations of the agreement are not followed then is there still a warranty?

    I often find floor covering rarely fails, installations however fail all the time.
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  16. RZman

    RZman New Member

    Thank you.

    My application is going on concrete but do have a set of outside doors with full length Windows.
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  17. RZman

    RZman New Member

    This is what concerns me:

    Consumer Reviews of Mannington synthetic floors
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  18. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member

    I have an issue above 2$ a ft when porcelain tile with decent quality is same price. Windows/doors facing south can have issues, uv stability.
  19. Commercial Floor Rep

    Commercial Floor Rep I Support TFP Published


    Make sure you're reading reviews on Adura Max and not Standard Adura. They are two completely different constructions. The Adura Max is a newer generation of luxury vinyl product that falls in the "Rigid Core" category. This product has been out about 2+ years now. My company sells literally millions of feet of this product and we've had 1 issue. It was the very first batch we received. It had an issue with the finish and Mannington replaced it before it ever got installed. It's been one of the most problem free products I've ever seen them launch.

    The Adura Max, due to it's rigid core construction, handles temperature / direct sunlight much better than the floating version of Adura - directly glued Adura has never had much of an issue with temperature for Mannington or anyone other manufacturer. If temperature is a concern, then take a look at Adura Max Prime. The core is a bit more dense and as a result, the product has a much broader temperature range (-20 to 150 Fahrenheit I believe).

    Hope this helps address your concerns.
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  20. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    Twice now I have deleted links to a "review" site you have posted. Websites that traffic largely in niche reviews, like flooring, tend to get artificially low ratings. That doesn't mean bad products aren't actually bad, it's just not an accurate representation of the product. The fact of sites like those is that most of the people who post reviews on them are very unhappy about their floors. People who are very happy about their floors don't go in search of flooring review sites to tell everyone how great they are.

    Some of the real reasons people may be dissatisfied with their flooring include unreasonable expectations (example: waterproof flooring isn't really a waterproof floor), salesperson sold a product unsuitable for the intended use, poor installation, bad choice of color and many other reasons that don't relate to actual product quality.

    The page you linked to had only 21 reviews and they covered all of Mannington's "synthetic" floor coverings made from laminate, rubber, vinyl, and fiberglass. That constitutes hundreds of different products, but you are basing your decision on only one. I saw only one review specifically about Adura Max and that one was lacking in any details except that the edges broke off during the DIY install. Obviously very frustrated, that person may have visited several flooring review sites just to "warn" others about this horrible product.

    I am not going to legitimize that site by having a link to it for other consumers and visitors to follow.
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