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    A couple of days ago, Scott Tullis brought to our attention that a specific advertiser in our Google Adsense ads was objectionable to him. He was told that we don't have any control over the Adsense advertisers. After further investigation, it turns out that we DO have choices and specific advertisers can be filtered out of our Adsense ads here.

    If you feel an advertiser in any Google Adsense ad you see here at The Floor Pro Community is objectionable for any reason, please report it to me. All I need it the website name or address and your reasons for objecting to the advertiser. You can do that privately by email or PM, or you can post to this topic, which will be stickied to the top of this forum so you can find it easily. To find the name or website address of the advertiser, just right-click the ad and click Properties. You will see the website address there where you can copy it or write it down.

    This doesn't mean that every reported advertiser will be filtered out, but I will investigate. I will take into account your reasons and I will visit the site in question to see for myself. If more than one person reports the same advertiser, this will weigh heavier in my decision.

    At some point there will be other advertising done here and we will rely on Adsense less and less. But at any time you feel an advertisement is inappropriate or objectionable, please let me know. You do have a say.


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    To report a bad advertiser, please do the following:
    • Open your NotePad or WordPad application to a New document
    • While hovering over the ad, right-click and select Properties (IE) or Image Info
    • Drag your cursor over the Address (URL) and press the keyboard combo Ctrl+C
    • Click your mouse inside the NotePad/WordPad window and press the keyboard combo Ctrl+V
    • Go back to hover over the ad, right-click and select "Copy Shortcut" in IE or "Copy Link Location" in other browsers
    • Return to the NotePad/WordPad window and on a new line, press the keyboard combo Ctrl+V
    • PM me both addresses and I will deal with it.
    It's a little bit of trouble, but it's the only way I will know which advertisement is the offending ad. The image location alone is not the advertiser, it's only the image server for all the Google ads and I can't ban them or I'll be banning all the images used by Google.

    Thanks for bearing with me on this,

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