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    "A completely online program specifically created for the commercial flooring Installation Manager that features training modules led by experts that speak from years of floor covering installation experience."

    I suppose any education doesn't hurt but.............

    that idea just scares me
  2. I agree, but it's a base, starting point.

    My best study practice is away from home with no distractions, single focus/purpose.
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    What use would "installation manager" training be to an independent contractor? Commercial shops that run many dozens or even a few hundred men have a very specialized role for what we generally call "dispatcher" but it's obviously the same job with many possible titles.

    You're going to spend a lot of time on the phone, you SHOULD be spending a lot of time poring over the contracts, blue prints, details and specifications and there is also a need to be on job sites at various points from beginning to end. An installation manager needs to be involved in inspecting conditions and negotiating a schedule with the customer before sending material or mechanics to a site. There's also a critical need to be there after the fact to personally critique the finished product to ensure your men are working up to standards and the client is getting what they pay for.

    This is a job that's mainly about managing PEOPLE........after you know pretty much everything there is to know about the trade. Anything less and it explains why so many commercial shops go belly up. You have to hold the customer's hand when they're demanding 5 men come out to the job when they only have 75 s/y of carpet areas ready to go. You have to deal with men who are pissed because you have no work for them that day. Then they don't want to work nights and weekends and out of town work because they've got other plans.
  4. I need to see it from another angle, how the GC sees it. We walk on commercial jobs, it's never ready of course, but we try to jump on it to get ahead of the eight ball in order to handle the volume with just two people.

    Also for a possible future job, not sure how much longer my brother will install, but he's 57, I may move in the near future, him as well, just not in close proximity.

    Two recent jobs we were on, both were not ready, neither had lights or power for our equipment, the carpenter said scheduling has been screwed up for months. I just want some credentials/training to be on a level playing ground to officially say who's got their head where!

    The additional training for the stuff you site will be sitting in storage used when needed. Managerial/supervisory role doesn't work too good for my personality at the current moment, hated it in military.
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    Your community college might have a business class that could work.
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