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  1. Alright guys sometimes I have a hard time pricing these smaller jobs so I'd like your input.
    Measured a laundry room yesterday about 70 ft and they want floating LVP. Of coarse it has shoe mold, washer and dryer, no prep just going over old sheet vinyl and 45 minutes from my house. He asked me about doing the crown molding. I told him I know how to do it, but I only install floors for a living not crown. He looked defeated so I told him I'd think about it. With this being said.. I have the slightest idea how to charge for that small area. Its gonna be primed crown molding, so I'm gonna caulk and fill holes with putty but I definitely wont be as fast as I would installing floors. What do you charge?

    For that matter. What do you guys charge for small jobs like these? I find myself wanting an arm and a leg since its time consuming but I don't know if I'm being a greedy bastard or reasonable. Im wanting to say 400.00 bucks but damn that sounds high coming out of my mouth. Watcha think?
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  2. epoxyman

    epoxyman Pro Member

    We just priced 3 very small restrooms for epoxy flooring and base total about 40 sf on each floor and 25 lf of 6” epoxy base in each.
    Had to grind up the old paint and prep our work as we do.
    We was at 1,350.00 per room
    The next company that was low was 2,750.00 per room... big difference

    Just figure out what you need to make a profit and charge that 400.00 seams fair
    To me.
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  3. Chris 45

    Chris 45 Director of P.R. on some deserted island. I Support TFP

    $400 a day ain’t bad money for NC. Your customer will squawk about it but your price is about what you need to make to cover your nut AND make a profit, not what they can afford.
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  4. It's your truck your tools and your skill he is buying. Don't sell yourself short, you have a trade and skills to go with it. Call a plumber and see what he charges to come out and give a quote for work.
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  5. Depends if you’re crown molding your house and need some practice.

    Just did a minimum 500$ for two 8-11 still not worth it but could pay a couple fillups
  6. kylenelson

    kylenelson You'll find me on the floor I Support TFP Senior Member

    Sounds like a full day of work, wouldn’t do it for less than $400
  7. You have to weigh the totality. Does your truck have advertising on it of your company? Neighbors may want work done. It’s an opportunity. Is there other things in area you can see?

    Is there a local resource for items needed unexpectedly.
  8. JayP

    JayP Pro Member

    Small jobs I forget about a per/sf price and do a minimum charge. Usually $300. To me, $300 for a days work is good money.
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  9. Defiantly would be the better part of a day.

    Yes there would be potential customers in the neighborhood.

    I'll shoot for the stars and see what happens;)
  10. Incognito

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    $675 is the minimum daily charge JUST for labor last time I asked my shop---------union in Los Angeles County.

    If I'm already working on site extra works outside the scope of the contract can be billed at .5 increments based on the daily rate ++++ travel, delivery, premium charges for nights, weekends or OT------over 8 hours per day.
  11. kylenelson

    kylenelson You'll find me on the floor I Support TFP Senior Member

    With benefits I’m sure this about the correct price range. Even then, I’m guessing to be profitable long term in a trade now you need to be between $85-100 per hour
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  12. That price actually sounds very fair. I think I would have said $500.
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  13. That's the other part of the equation. The #s are different depending on your local economy.

    On a side note, I really like your profile pic Chris. That's exactly how I have been feeling lately! PLEASE tell me that's your childhood picture? Lol
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  14. How does it fit into your scheduling? I generally don’t like to travel more than 20 miles (Rural) from my house. Last night 7? I got a call guy got number from my trailer in that distant town so now I have to go back there. Hmm got me thinking I messed up putting diesel in my truck. Said something about efficient diesel but it was .50 less a gallon, thought it was different county taxes.
  15. Told him 400.00 this morning, haven't heard anything back. I figured if I get the job at 400.00 I'd be in a good mood. If I get it for less I might be pissy the whole time.:yesss:
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  16. Got my truck repaired luckily. It wasn’t that odd diesel, it was a heater in the DEF system under factory warranty.

    My as well minimize risk whenever possible. I just referred another job to someone asking about concrete polishing after I bid adhesive and surface grinding. I don’t have time to go though all the grits of polishing.

    I suppose you have to pick and choose what makes you money instead of the retailer throw everything at you take it or leave!
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