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  1. Hi,

    We just bought our first home and are replacing most of the flooring. In the upstairs bedrooms, we'd love to put a relatively low-pile, yet dense saxony carpet. After a doing a lot of research, we found two products so far that are what we're looking for, both made from Stainmaster BCF 6,6 Nylon fibers - one from Camelot, the other from Fabrica, with the addition of TruSoft (Seduction, >100 oz weight).

    The latter seems like the nicer product, mostly because of the TruSoft but at about $75/sqy installed (best quote so far), it's still ridiculously expensive and in fact most stores were sort of trying to talk me out of it but almost no one has a similar type of carpet from any other manufacturer.

    So to make a long story short - is there anyone here that can recommend a product very similar to Seduction from another manufacturer, or is this the only option of it's kind?

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    Regarding the Fabrica piece, it's very nice, I just went back and checked it out. $8.33/SF installed isn't a terrible price. If you want an alternative you might take a walk by the Karastan rack - 6,6 nylon is a spectacular product, but I also sell a ton of Smartstrand Silk and people love it. Karastan will be a little less money than Fabrica in general.

    Why were they trying to talk you out of it? Just because of expense? That doesn't make much sense. It's a good product.
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  4. Thanks Steve. I'll look into these options. The Fabrica is a great carpet, no question (except for the somewhat limited color options ) - the TruSoft fiber makes this much nicer than the Camelot equivalent with the same fiber sans the TruSoft. I didn't mention that we were planning to get a dog - which is possibly why sales reps were steering us towards other products but I guess part of the frustration is really with the lack of choice in low pile saxony carpets like Seduction, in general.

    Why are most of the pet-friendly "pet-proof" options super plush/high-pile, making it more difficult to get dirt out? We don't really want that in the bedrooms and will probably abandon carpet as an option altogether if Karastan doesn't have anything similar. I'll also need to find an installer/store here in San Diego that carries them, so far none pointed this brand out and we went to 7 or 8 different places.
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    Fabrica will actually make custom colors for you. The minimum is only like 10 yards or so. They do something similar to the Home Depot paint match.

    Surprising, really. Karastan is great.
  6. I had no idea Fabrica offered color matching, that's amazing, thanks. I found a wholesaler today that had the Seduction at $62/sqyd before tax and installation but also found another option that might work: Stanton Atelier Venue. Not as dense but ridiculously soft, short pile and with a more interesting luster than Seduction. Great wholesale price, too at $4.40 a sqft. Both are still in consideration, I'll post an update soon.
  7. Does anyone have experience with Stanton carpets and maybe this one in particular? The warranty is unimpressive and there are some bad reviews put there for Stanton. (Watermarking, them not standing behind their product etc.)
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    Yeah I've never heard of a mill taking color requests on a small scale, but the price per yard sounds custom made.
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    The minimum is in fact 10LF/25LF depending on the particular style. Anything more than 50SY is pretty reasonably priced as far as custom color service. You send them a sample and they send you back a few strikeoffs to choose from.
  10. Mike Antonetti

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    Wow, I'm impressed. I think that's an Ace in the whole for a salesperson, "oh, we can get you that"! Thats valuable info.

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