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    In July of 2018 we had Fabrica Cotton Club installed throughout our main living area. We had to purchase 1100 sq ft to tune of over $10K installed. I love this carpet, in fact, it might be the only carpet I love. However, by January 2019 (6 months) the area in front of our living room chair completely broke down and the fiber/strands are smooshed and untwisted like some one sits in the at that 24/7 for 10 years. We don't. We filed a claim and it was denied because matting and crushing is not covered-so much for their amazing warranty. We also have a problem with the strands coming out. If ind them raised and when i pull them, they come right out as if they weren't attached. It is about 30 stands a week. The come out like a little V and when they do there is no glue/backing attached where you'd think it should be. The flooring store company and his Fabrica rep came out. They want to submit a sample but unfortunately we don't have an scraps. I offered the piece on the landing and am waiting to hear back as I would hope they replace it with something. This has being going for year. The carpet inspector that came out for the other problem suggested this was a know problem and I should file a claim and we did. We are coming up on 18 months which means to keep the warranty I should have it cleaned. My cleaner doesn't want to touch it until the loose strand/fiber issue is resolved. The Fabrica rep that came out said I should not clean just because of the warranty unless I thought it was dirty. I do not. He said he would not either.
    I guess my questions are: 1) Any advice on this would much appreciated? 2) Anyone know of any issues with this carpet?
    I do love the carpet but at this price, I can't recommend for any main living areas as just won't hold up. Maybe a bedroom. The area in front of the chair is dead center in the middle of our living room and looks awful.
  2. I forget a whole bunch but here I go. They’re doing a tuft test to see what force is needed to pull loose. If it’s below a certain standard which maybe they set then it fails the test.

    The cleaner doesn’t want to add chemical or water to the backing as it weakens it when wet but regains most strength when it dries.

    Cut pile shows traffic patterns, it doesn’t take long, different fibers, densities, height, etc. all affect the visual.
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    The pattern had nothing do with it. In 6 months carpet that costs 4 times more than the last cut pile we had was essentially frayed and flattened. The less expensive stuff took about 15 years to show the same wear. Every square yard at any given time has 4 pulls popping up. At $90/sq yard this is unacceptable. We are 2 adults with no kids and 2 small dogs.
  4. Misinterpretation, Wrong type of pattern



    The tufts are pulling out. You may have a claim for that, sounds like you need an independent competent carpet inspector.

    Any pictures?

    Was anyone doing the twist using the Simply Fit board in that spot? Bare feet with oils?

    So I reread, sounds like you’re just in the Limbo stage and no ones nudging. You have a lawyer friend with a letterhead? Or contact (if you’re paying) the carpet inspector for follow up.

    It could just be process as it’s not critical to get new carpet, have you been looking at alternatives? The price is high so there’s not much leverage the manufacture has, they can’t say upgrade to a better carpet.

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    We love the carpet. No twist board and we usually have socks on. It is cold at our elevation even in the summer. The falling out tufts are the most worrisome. I will try to get a pic of the smooshed area too.

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    Here the ones we saved since a few months ago

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  7. I had a similar issue with a very expensive custom colored nylon product from another mill some years ago. I contacted Lew At LGM and associates, he got involved and was a big help. I would suggest contacting them through their website. Lew is the real deal when it comes to flooring issues and failures. Best of luck.
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    Maybe you could document an installer cutting it out an replacing that spot in question with your landing piece. Then the piece could be sent in to them to determine the issue with that carpet. Maybe some pictures of anything else the installer sees while they are doing the repair.
  9. Correct vacuum? 10k is two suits for Lew.
  10. Estimate today I saw the exact thing of strands pulling out. I asked how old the carpet was, she said fairly new but the cat is pulling them out.
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    I'm actually going to be installing this same carpet either later this week or next week, I'll report back on what I think of the carpet. Maybe you have a defective carpet but it's so hard to tell until it is seen by a competent carpet inspector. I know a great inspector that works at my shop in Denver, Colorado. I know the Cotton Club line is Fabrica's heaviest cut pile (maybe they're best carpet, I'm not sure..) Here's a link to Fabrica's website, specifically your carpet Fabrica Carpet & Rugs Cotton Club Sparrow. Here's a link to their carpet care and warranty bulletin http://fabrica.com/files/CarpetCare.pdf which has a lot of great information!
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  12. I kinda recall a certain amount of tuft pulls is allowable. I’ll read that.

    Here it is, page 9. I’ve hardly ever seen it happen though. Not shedding though, whole tufts.

    SHEDDING Shedding is not a defect, but rather a characteristic of all new carpets, especially cut-pile. It is caused by the short fibers within the pile that work loose during service. This condition is most evident in high traffic areas. Although your vacuum bag may fill with this surplus fiber, the total fiber loss during use is relatively small. Shedding will gradually decrease, and the length of time required to eliminate shedding will be dependent upon the type and amount of vacuuming.
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    Your answer is in your 2nd post........."2 small dogs". The claws of a dog WILL pull on the tufts of carpet, I have seen it many times exactly what you have. File a claim and a good inspector will have a scale to test the tension needed to pull a tuft. He should do a minimum of 10 pulls with a Chatillion scale and average them to get a number in pounds.
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  14. Here’s the job with the cat, lady didn’t seem too upset, I’d be ringing necks

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    What needs to be done is get a reputable carpet inspector who does not work or represent the mill. So far it seems like their is a tuft bind issue this means lack of latex holding the bundle wrap. This allows for the slippage of the tufts. Alot of times you will see this in a smaller denier or silk or viscose. I believe the problem is they need to test a uninstalled piece to see if this is the problem. Which it is I'm sure.
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    Are there any pets in the house?

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