Exotic hardwood floor refinishing advice please

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    We are considering putting an offer in on a home this week, but I just can't get past the hardwood floors. It is an exotic hardwood, but the current homeowners are unsure of what species it is (they are the second owners). It has been suggested that it is maybe a Brazilian macchiato pecan or Brazilian ebony. While it is certainly a beautiful species, it is just way too busy visually for me. I would hate to consider replacing, due not only to cost but also because it is a perfectly good floor. So my question is, does anyone have any experience refinishing a species like this, and if so, in your opinion, could it be refinished and stained to all be a uniform color? As you can see from the attached pictures, there is quite a range of color variation from the heartwood to the sapwood. I understand that if staining to a uniform color, it would have to be a dark color, but I'm wondering if it's even possible. Thank you for your time and advice!
    April IMG_8977.JPG IMG_8960.JPG IMG_8959.JPG IMG_8965.JPG IMG_8978.JPG IMG_8964.JPG IMG_8963.JPG IMG_8958.JPG IMG_8976.JPG IMG_8961.JPG IMG_8962.JPG
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  2. I like it, could live with it, maybe dark brown carpet turned into area rugs to tame it a bit.

    I’d say no it won’t take a stain to get dark. maybe painted.
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    I wouldn't be able to live with that either. If there were a stain color you liked, you have to understand that it would penetrate the dark areas too, so you would likely end up with a floor with only slightly less contrast. Ask the sellers to offer an allowance for new hardwood in at least some areas. They had to know when they bought that (and those very busy rugs they put on top) that it would be difficult to sell to people with more average tastes in style. In this case, hardwood flooring does not add value to this property.
  4. I would be curious to know if that's a 3/4" product or an engineered product. If it is engineered you may not have much to work with in regards to the wear layer.
  5. I don’t like the change of direction or the mitre, but really like the contrast. It’s clearcoat so the Urethane Finish would need to be tinted, gotta be someone that specializes in these situations, they tend to charge for their expertise. You could lay a vinyl click floor over it but it would probably damage the hardwood.

    How longs it been on market? Normally you don’t have that leverage, maybe new roof, new septic, or other situations, but, cosmetic changes are usually the buyers choice if it comps out.

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