DuPont SmartStrand Vs. Shaw Tuftex

Discussion in 'Carpet Q&A' started by eyal8r, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. eyal8r

    eyal8r Active Member

    Hey guys-
    My wife and I are looking to buy new carpet for our living room (~300sf). We've been looking at Home Depot/Lowes, and narrowed it down to two carpets we like. The first is the Shaw Tuftex, style= "Cheek to Cheek". The other is the DuPont SmartStrand (the Corn stuff)- style= "Admirable". We have a baby who is starting to crawl/walk soon, as well as a Dog (White Lab) who IS house broken, but loves to track dirt/mud in the house when she plays with her friend. We're home a lot (I work from home), so this carpet will get some decent wear/traffic on it. HOWEVER, we are only planning on living in our house another 1-2 years MAX before we move. We have to install new carpet as our wonderful muff dog shredded the old carpet, exposing the tack strip- and it's too far back to be stretched. I can't have exposed tack strip with a baby crawling around (not to mention it's HIDEOUS!)

    So I'm curious which is a better product? Obviously stain resistance is big. I'm also concerned about wearing from traffic/dirt. I don't want to spend money on something that'll look worn after 3 months of living with it, like our current carpet did.

    We love the look of the Tuftex, but are drawn to the quality of the DuPont SmartStrand. If you guys tell me that the Tuftex is just as good as the smart strand, it'll be an easy decision. Again, this isn't our dream home, and we ARE moving in 1-2 years- so something that'll hold up well during our time here would be great. Any input on this?

    Lastly- I'd like to compare some pricing to the local price Home Depot quoted... it's about 15'x20' room, so it'll need to be seamed as well. We'll install the upgraded pad- but here's the pricing we're getting now-
    DuPont SmartStrand = $3.75/ft without install and pad- carpet only.
    Shaw Tuftex = $3.65/ft carpet only.

    Upgraded pad is an 8lb (1/2" if I remember correctly) for $0.58/ft. Install is $199.

    I'm going to call some local shops to see what the price difference is- I'm VERY open that I can find it cheaper at wholesale/warehouse type places locally. I'm just curious what some of you retailers are charging for it around the country. Oh- any advice on getting this cheaper you can send my way? We're on a VERY tight budget here.

    Thanks for all your help!
  2. Tandy Reeves

    Tandy Reeves Resting In Peace Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    I will let someone else tell you about the two different carpets. However, my advise is to run not walk from both of the places you have shopped. Go to a local store that sells floor covering only. Many times the lowest priced winds up being the most expensive. There is a website that tells of unresolved complaints with big orange I do not remember it now maybe some of the others do.
  3. eyal8r

    eyal8r Active Member

    Yeah, I DEFINITELY was not planning on using Home Depot or Lowe's to buy/install the carpet. They just turn around and hire other floor contractors to do the work for cheaper. I'd rather go directly to them. HOWEVER- I have been reading on Shaw/Tuftex and their 'corn rowing' problems. Seems like it happens a lot, and that Shaw's products are not that good. Maybe it's just a few select cases... but it lead into the methods for getting it installed (power stretching? Tack strips, etc etc).

    Questions for you guys- WHEN I'm looking for a good flooring company- what questions do I ask? Do I check to see if they have a Contractor's License? Are (CFI I think it is?) Certified Installers? Either Shaw or DuPont Certified Installers? Make them write down EXACT what brand/style/quality/color I am buying and installing? Any/all tips would be VERY helpful.
  4. rusty baker

    rusty baker Well-Known Member

    Ask friends or family if they have had flooring installed. Who did they use, are they satisfied with the job, how were they treated? Most installers aren't certified by anyone. Don't count on a certification to mean you are getting a good job. What part of the country do you live in? Maybe one of our members could recommend someone.
  5. eyal8r

    eyal8r Active Member

    Thanks for the replies! Yes, I live in AZ, if anyone knows someone reputable and will stand behind the install/manufacturer's warranty.
  6. It is my understanding that Dupont Sorona performs better to staining and wear. Now that is information from Dupont so please consider the source. I am a believer in the sorona I like it very much if I had to buy carpet that is what I would look at. I suggest it to anyone starting a family I think it is both more affordable and out performs nylons in regards to the concerns you would have having a young family.

    The 199 install price is really nothing to brag about in your case it would probably be that from about anybody and I have freinds who install for HD and they get knocked down in price when HD is running that special. 1/2 8lb bonded pad lasts longer that doesnt mean that it will help the carpet last longer, Carpet cushion both supports and cushions the carpet both function is equally important I normally use a 7/16 6lb bonded or a 3/8 8lb bonded. Go to a small retailer they will appreciate your busines more and may even be better do deal with in the long run.
  7. stullis

    stullis Charter Member Senior Member

    AZ is a pretty good sized state, perhaps you could narrow that down a bit. ;)

    Ditto that countryflooringdirect but I pretty much stick to the 8# lines of rebond.
  8. eyal8r

    eyal8r Active Member

    LOL- yeah, sorry. I'm in Gilbert, so anywhere in the East Valley would work. I agree, for a tiny bit more money on a small room, I'll go with the 8# pad. Any advice in finding a good installer? Again- the reports at Ripoff Report: By Consumers, For Consumers on the Shaw/Tuftex lines are not good. Some people say that their quality has really gone downhill on their products, and that 'corn rowing' is a common occurance. I certainly don't want that. Advice?
  9. I hire carpet installers that have power stretcher poles the whole kit. I hire carpet installers that if you say use a dead man they dont go looking in the river.

    No seriously A guy who uses a power stretcher and has power stretcher poles is who I would hire. You probably dont have the luxury of looking in his van and seeing if he has one before you hire him but you could ask and watch to see if he has a power stretcher. I took a call today from a customer asking if I would do work for 50 cents less? I said no but we will power stretch your carpet. They went elsewhere but in a year they will call me and be charged 2 a yard to stretch their carpet again. So I hire a carpet installer who powerstretches carpet with Poles not a spike.
  10. eyal8r

    eyal8r Active Member

    ok- so what exactly is a power stretcher? Will I know it when I see it?
  11. a kicker is a device used to put the carpet on the tackstrip install steps and make seams. everybody has probably seen that the guy holds it in one hand and uses his knee to kick it. This is not stretching the carpet it is putting the carpet on the tackstrip.

    Is ther a way to upload a picture on this site I have a picture of my guy stretching in a floor! A power stretcher is a trapaziod looking tool with spikes on the one side and a lever on the other side. you connect tubes to it to the wall and use it to stretch your carpet.
  12. eyal8r

    eyal8r Active Member

    ahhh ok. I can probably google for a picture, but that definitely helps. I've only seen the kicker. I'm starting to call around- turns out HD sells Private Label stuff, making it tough for me to compare the prices. The one from Shaw is the Tuftex "Cheek to Cheek" as it's called at HD. I gotta find out what everyone else calls it so I know I'm getting quotes on the right product...
  13. eyal8r

    eyal8r Active Member

    Yeah, I think it's called "Moon Shadow" everywhere besides HD...
  14. Yup look at it and ask a local guy. I get customers asking me all the time I just go up to home depot on my way out and about and say oh yeah thats such and such or I call my rep.
  15. Nick Arrera

    Nick Arrera Traitor

    7/16 8 lb Pad .. Just tell who ever you are about to hire you want it power stretched ..
  16. Mark in Tulsa

    Mark in Tulsa Pro Member

    I know what the cheek to cheek looks like I've sold against that carpet several times from HD. Does the polyester carpet look like that style also?
  17. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    We do have a Looking For A Flooring Professional or Product forum that would be the place for you to post a new topic asking for any interested installers to contact you. We have also just begun to open that forum up to allow our member installers (and cleaners, inspectors and retailers) to post a nice advertisement for their business. There is only one ad there now, but if our pro members get to it, we could have a pretty nice database of flooring professionals our consumer members or anyone else looking for a flooring professional could find one.
    Yes, you can upload pictures to any of your posts. Just go into the advanced editor, or click the New Topic or the Reply buttons and that message editor has a button below the editor that says "Manage Uploads" (see below). Just follow the prompts. You can upload big pictures and the software reduces them to thumbnail size in your post and when you click the picture, it expands to full size, of enough to fill the window. You can also upload pictures to your own album in your profile to share with all, or keep a private stash.


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  18. eyal8r

    eyal8r Active Member

    Dude- are you kidding me here? I've spent all day trying to get price quotes on this stuff. For the Shaw Tuftex "Moon Shadow" Home Depot is the best price of guys I called today. I mean seriously- the room is 15'x16', and these guys quoted me from $1600 to $300 for the install on 8# pad! That's just insane! Home Depot would cost about $1200! Oh, did I mention that IT IS THE CONTRACTOR'S PRICE too? Jeez... yeah, I'm gonna spend $3300 on a 252 sqft room. Give me a break.

    I think we're going to go with the DuPont SmartStrand Sorona Stuff. Unfortunately, we'll go w/ Home Depot as apparently they're the best price. It's hard to believe, but these guys are just dreaming here.

    Any other input on this? I've really appreciated all the help thus far!
  19. Mark in Tulsa

    Mark in Tulsa Pro Member

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