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Discussion in 'Industry News, Training & Organizations' started by Willy, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Willy

    Willy Charter Member

    With all the different associations, groups, directories, etc that we belong to or are listed in, what one's do you believe benefit us the most or are a waste of our money? That is as far as advertising, aiding in promoting our services, etc?
    P/M me if you need to.
  2. selvalee

    selvalee No one special Senior Member

    right now, for me, the cost of one national organization of four hundred a year, and I understand they will want more for listing me as an inspector, is not paying off,,, no referals,,, they have their "favorites",,, and if you point out any of their weaknessessssssssssssssssssssss, they will never refer you, I mean, like, if one of their courses is weak, and you not only tell them, but, show them how, they really don't like it,,
    but, bad Selva, off topic or am I? ok,, I think, in inspections, there are way too many people in our pockets for such a small number nationwide,, too many people wanting our money but not putting the goods on the table,, too many promising so much but they never put the goods on the table,, too many wanting more money that increases each year but some organizations like one big wood one, are trying to cut the cost of inspections down lower and lower and lower and lower offering inferior training and so many inferior not qualified stupid dumb inspectors run to these organizations begging for work while telling everyone how great they are to be doing cheap inspections like they 'got to the big time', ain't it sad?
    oh, you did ask for an opinion, didn't you?
  3. Danny Ferguson

    Danny Ferguson Abbey Carpet & Floor Charter Member

    On the retail side of it, I would say the phone book is the biggest scam of all. For an add about the size of two buisness cards it costs us about $550 a month. The biggest majority of people who use the phone books are price shoppers. Price shoppers don't care about quality material or installation. If it was good advertising the big box stores would be doing it. Have you ever seen Lowes or HD in the yellow pages? This year, we only have a one liner in the white and yellow. It will save us over $400 a month. We will use that money on advertising that works for us. You can't beat word of mouth.
  4. Floorguy

    Floorguy The Living Dead Charter Member Senior Member

    I get more calls from my one liner, then I did when I had a 2"x2" add. Saving me $2200 of overhead, for the year.

    My one liner has already paid for itself. I do get my share of the"how much do you charge" calls.:coffee:
  5. Willy

    Willy Charter Member

    Lets keep this thing going. How about IICRC, NICFI, ICR, FITS, etc. What directories get used the most by the mills. It seems like my phone calls, old contacts and referrals get me more business than some or most of these directories. It's time to re-think who gets my hard earned money. Anybody else thinking of dropping your land line and just using you cell phone and email? Wife has a fax in the home and I was thinking of dropping the land line.
  6. Nick Arrera

    Nick Arrera Resting In Peace

    I was useing a new ink refill every week from people sending me faxes of windows [etc]. trying to sell me stuff .. I use the cell phone now ..
  7. UncleCliffie

    UncleCliffie Charter Member

    I use a program called E-fax. You can recieve faxes in an email, and you can read and delete the unwanted ones with no paper used. The thing is free for recieving, costs a bit for sending.
    Go to eFax - Email Fax Services and check it out.I have a fax machine for the ooccaisional outfaxes, but all of my incoming faxes come in overthe intenet.
  8. Jim Carlin

    Jim Carlin Charter Member

    I started to use the E-Fax last week. (free version) this thing is great. It will send the fax to my email and that fowards it to my cell. Also will drop the business landline and use my cell as the primary and only phone. It costs $58 per month for a basic business line.

  9. Tandy Reeves

    Tandy Reeves Resting In Peace Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    This has headed off topic and before it gets too far from the original question, let me say this. There are many people after your dollars. Make a decision as to what you wish to accomplish with your listings. If you just want the mills to see you, one of the schools will do you the most good. If you want listings with the mills, as well as other groups i.e. consumers, attornies, GC's then go to one that attempts to reach these groups. If you want listings, tech service, and extras then go to that service. Check all of them out and ask them why you should list with them and what can they do for you. Make them sell their services to you. I am probably one of the last people that should be answering the question, but everyone of us should have to do something extra to earn your dollar and most of all trust.

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