Dry Treat “framing” marble tile?

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    We just installed dolomiti marble tile, and were told to seal before grout. I just sealed, applying Dry Treat “liberally” and directed. Obviously this means a lot went in between tiles, in joints where the grout will eventually go. It’s staining! I know after grouting this happens temporarily and it dries, the water causes “framing”....Will the sealer dry too? See attached from about an hour after finishing the seal

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  2. It should dissipate(water in sealer) which is the vehicle to spread the solids in the sealer. They always say “test” to avoid liability.

    It’s one reason why you don’t put white marble in a shower if you don’t like the look of water wicking. Another reason why I won’t put granite countertops in the kitchen and getting quartz as absorption is low.
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    Hi Mike,
    I guess my question is, will sealer permanently stain the edges if it gets in between tiles before grout? It seems that you could spread seal over the whole floor, not just on top of the tile. At least, that’s what we’ve done in the past.
  4. Some marble is moisture sensitive needing different setting products and grouts. It can literally curl.

    The word “stain” is not used until it can’t be removed with regular cleaning. It’s simply wet right now. Sealer acts as a stain, so if say wine spills, the sealer already infiltrated the stone and the liquid will not penetrate(theoretically)

    Normally one would contact manufacturer using products in future to help with product selection to avoid replacement. Stone has its characteristics all its own. I’ve not heard of “Dry Treat” (water in it? How ironic!)only the major sellers of stone care products but I’m out of the install industry 10 years now thankfully.
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