Door pin puller

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  1. i suspect for about 3$ you can drill a regular one close to the end about 3/4 of the way through with an 1/8” drill bit(if you already own the bit cost goes down. Then put a barrel roll spring steel pin (1”?)inserted into the pin remover. That may allow replacement, the spring steel is not brittle so should absorb the shock.

    The oil on the hinges annoys me as I move the doors and get dark marks I have to clean off. Probably need to put my small can of mineral spirits back on trailer, bought a small container at habitat, no more 1 gallon jugs for adhesive cleanup.
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  2. Jim McClain

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    Hardened steel is very hard to drill through. IF you could do it, you'd prob'ly have to add the cost of some new drill bits, 'cause it'll take more than one and you ain't using them for anything more.
  3. It takes a certain steel bit, not sure what it is tungsten carbide? Keeping it cool is an issue, I guess hardening is the last process that it may not be weldable as they will be brittle and lose temper. I asked to get some chisel bits modified they said it wouldn’t stick.
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    Seems like a lot of effort to avoid a $20 tool designed to perfectly do a job...
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  5. Floor Boss

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    Door Pin Puller is virtually the first tool I'd use on every job.
    In my opinion it's a 'Must Have'.
    I saved an Old Door Pin to get a stubborn pin started from below.
    Once a pin is loose, I pull it out with my needle nose to avoid touching the grease with my fingers and spreading it all around.
    White Carpet is not kind when dropping pins.
    Even if you don't drop a pin, putting them back can send a booger of grease on the the new floor you just installed. "Look Out!"
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  6. Incognito

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