Distributors Wanted for Flooring Accessory

Discussion in 'Looking For a Flooring Professional or Product' started by eJM, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. eJM

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    site-icon.jpg Jonny Corners Trap Door Trim got its start 5 years ago. It has become an immediate hit with everyone who has tried it. Now they have regular customers in the northern States and Canada. Research & development has made it possible to mass produce a quality product that can be sold and shipped all over the USA and Canada.

    Jonny Corners is looking for distributors that are interested in an exclusive market and great profit potential. Read more about it here: Distributors Wanted for Innovative Flooring Accessory

    Contact the product creator via email or telephone (406-240-1210). And @JonH will be happy to field any questions or comments you have about the product if you reply to this topic or the article linked above.
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  2. Chris 45

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    I wonder if the RV or boat side of the business would have a strong need for these. Those things have hatches and access panels everywhere.
  3. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    Yes, the article linked to mentions that.
  4. JonH

    JonH TFP Sponsor

    RVs not so much but boats are a pretty common. I didn't expect that when I designed the trim so its a good market that I didnt' expect.
  5. SteveG

    SteveG Pro Member

    I like your product. My former employer carried them. I'm working at a different shop here in town, so I'm not sure if they had an exclusive deal or not. I'd give my boss the samples, though.
  6. JonH

    JonH TFP Sponsor

    I'm all about sending samples out. I don't have any updated samples and need to make them up. It shows three corners and four T metal pieces on a board showing the colors and the board is intentionally cut out of square. If you would like samples message us and we can get them to you. Also there will be discounts for TFP members, I may have to exclude a few in CA, NV, and CO because I have distributors there and I need to honor them for selling my products.

    So if you think a sample board would help your business PM us and we can get it out to you. Name, business, phone number, and address
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  7. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    I wanted to bump this because we have a little boost in traffic because of our current Milwaukee giveaway. I'm interested in knowing how the search for distributors is going, @JonH ?
  8. JonH

    JonH TFP Sponsor

    It's going well. People are more responsive to you when you've been around for a while and have more confidence in your product. We are pretty busy with making kits and starting to get overwhelmed once in a while. Over 4 years flooring stores and installers have been finding us, and us them, and they order a few throughout the year and that is building to where we are working steady.
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