Different brands of stain and soil repellants

Discussion in 'Carpet Q&A' started by Koda, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. Koda

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    Have the various repellants i.e. Stainmaster, R2X, Scotchguard etc added to nylon carpet fibers by different carpet manufacturers ever been independently tested against each for effectiveness or longevity? If not, any opinion on which may work the best or last the longest after repeated cleaning?
  2. Dollar_M

    Dollar_M Pro Member

    R2X and Scotchguard, generally found with Shaw and Mohawk brands respectively, are applied to their type 6 nylon carpet products (and some polys too.) Stainmaster is a type 6.6 nylon and has characteristics that are unique to that fiber. While I cant speak to the absolute side-by-side long term effectiveness of eachs effectiveness through your years of use, if you compare similar carpet styles between the brands the end results should be minimal and the long term condition of the carpet will come down more to your maintenance than the stain treatment. IOW, the differences are negligible, but if this were gun to my head I'd go with the stainmaster fiber.
  3. Koda

    Koda Member

    Thank you. That help make my selection easier

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