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    Our forum software gives you a variety of ways to view topics. You can surf to any of our forums and when you hover your cursor/pointer/finger over the topic title, you'll get a preview of the fist bit of the topic.


    When you click a topic title, it will take you to the first post in the thread, if you have never read that topic before; or it will take you to the first unread post in the topic, if you have previously read that topic.

    You can also click the little icon to the left of the topic title (currently, that icon is a dot) and it will take you right to the first unread post in the topic.


    If you want to make sure you go to the first post in a topic, click the date the topic was posted - it's right below the topic title.


    This all works the same when you are viewing the New Posts page. But in addition to the topic titles and other information, you also see what forum that topic is posted in. You can click the link to that forum and go directly to it and see all the topics listed in that forum.


    You can always tell if a topic has new posts: its title is bold. Topics that have no new posts are not bold and there is no icon next to the title. Clicking the topic title will take you to the first post in that topic.


    This should make surfing and reading topics just a little bit easier for those of you unfamiliar with our forum software. If you have questions about reading topics, just reply to this discussion. If you have questions about using some other feature of the software, please ask in a new topic in the Feedback Forum.

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