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    Different Day, Different Year......Same-O...Same-O.

    Tom Jennings article, Current Verse… Same as the First!, on page 16 struck me as especially relevant. ProInstaller Magazine - ProInstaller magazine Winter 2014

    [excerpt=Tom Jennings]Study after study in both the flooring industry and related fields seem to indicate the customer is still putting up with the same incompetence and indifference as she has endured in the past.[/excerpt]
    Highlighting that even though we have changed we are still the same.

    Communication is the key, and communication is something that can be learned! Never do something by yourself, always let your workmates know, always share with those who need to know.

    In the digital age it is easier to communicate, but also MUCH more important to do so, since life is at warp-speed.
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    Too true, Elmer. I have often chided people (and TFP members) about communications skills. It's prob'ly one of the most important tools we have - whether installer, inspector, retailer or any other floor pro. Maybe Tom says it better than I do:

    [excerpt=Mr. Jennings]Good communication and proper customer expectations were the overwhelming keys to creating satisfied customers a generation ago. The same is true today. The goal hasn’t changed, the stakes have.[/excerpt]

    As members of forums like this, we have more opportunities to hone our communication skills. We get to see consumers come here every day with issues that could have been made clear to them by their retailer or installer. Some of their problems are due to unrealistic expectations.

    And not all the problems are the fault of poor communication from the pro. Some of the blame rests on the consumer.

    Good article.


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