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Discussion in 'Laminate Flooring Sales & Installations' started by Mark Brown, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. Mark Brown

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    So, the other day I was about to start a laminate install in a basement. 5 Year old home had a waterline flood ruin their floors, lucky for me, no so much for them. Anyhow, more to the point... walked down the stairs and was slapped hard in the face with that musty dank basement ODOUR (still got it). So being the diligent little flooring soldiers myself and my partner are we decided to go ahead and test the concrete for the presence of moisture. Being not overly inclined to do a through evaluation we used a penetrating metre which is not the most accurate gauge of moisture however is a bloody good indicator. It came back high...SURPRISE! To be fair the efflorescence crystal deposits everywhere were enough for me.

    To mitigate this we decided to take an approach that recently worked in a commercial space we were in... Planiseal MSP, I won't go into too much detail seeing as Google is handy and Mapei is better at explaning. To make a long story over... I mean shorter, after the first coat of product (it requires two) we left for the night. Next morning when we entered the space, damp musty smell and feel was gone. Personally I wanted to disbelieve it and asked the home owner for their opinion.. seems he was in agreement. So, miracle product or snake oil, suppose only time will tell but we put faith in it, slapped down some 3 in 1 pad and got to laying.

    Down side to all this is the cost, dead nuts purchase for me here in the Canada was about $490 and 8 lost hours seeing as its 4 hour cure and 2 coats. Coverage is about 600-650 per pail so two pails however we solid it as a benefit and necessity and the cost was absorbed by the client so we could proceed.
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  2. kwfloors

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    Good test for the product. I have a garage job with the same issue that the owner wants it coated. The one thing that bothered me was a cold joint, add on of 4' to the garage that might move.
  3. Mark Brown

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    fill it with epoxy. Then coat it.
  4. kwfloors

    kwfloors Fuzz on the brain Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    That won't work here. Freezing moves slabs here.
  5. Mike Antonetti

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    How long between coats?

    I would have questioned the need. If I flooded it, there “May” not be a moisture transmission issue. Good insurance though.

    Walk upon? I’m not into surprises, did you have MSP on the truck? You have a heads up to situation?

    Dank, new word to me I looked up, thought it was a type of basement as it doesn’t look like one to me with sun and openness, 3 sides underground?

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