Custom LVP Stairtreads

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  1. Barry Carlton

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    If a customer wanted something like this done, how much per stair would be fair? My first thought is $100.00.


  2. Mark Brown

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    Nothing, because in a short amount of time that created nosing will degrade, break and i will be going back and doing them all again.
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  3. It was an ok video. Some techniques were not like a pro ie a wood block to hit with hammer instead of towel. Bow the riser in middle, set two ends then push in middle.

    They would be pre made prior to arrival for a pro. Maybe send heat through a pipe the size of the bullnose and wrap it around, then instant cooling. The wrap would be tight, more than the radius as it would fit snug and almost need to widen or equal as to allow 100% of the
    Adhesive to ooze out the bottom to ensure there’s no voids under the rounded area. Then use the treadman on site if needed and cut to fit.

    Maybe even a tray of hot water, temp to be determined. Around 140?

    Wasn’t sure if those treads were osb or not.
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  4. Jim McClain

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    I thought the guy did an admirable job for a DIYer. I have no doubt this can be adapted and improved upon to offer customers more options. I do worry about the safety of walking down steps like that, especially in stocking feet or slick leather soled shoes.

    A hundred bucks a step seems in the ballpark, maybe a bit lower than that, say $75.00. It would depend on the steps and the product used.
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  5. Expanding on the idea, Why use the Coretec if they make it in gluedown the foolishness of routing that material away you could just heat vinyl plank and radius the 3/4” 180 degrees. Bringing labor cost way down.

    I’m not familiar if they make that color/pattern in both float and glue but 2 boxes for the stairs placed while ordering the main floor avoids special order/shipping.
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