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  1. Unregistered

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    Why is the stretching diagram at CRI incorrect?

    Why can installers not answer that simplest of things?

    Anyone can stretch carpet, but being able to explain how and why is what a teacher does. Why doesn't this trade have any teachers that understand the basics?
  2. Steve Olson

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    I am an installer, so I can't answer the simplest thing, therefore, I can't answer you.
    That is, following your logic. Why not register, log in, and help us all out. We will await your return!:)
  3. Lea MacDonald

    Lea MacDonald Charter Member Published

    Re: Riddle me this

    Hello inyourface, I am one of those unassuming souls that have made the claim to teach from time to time. With regard to your claim that the CRI stretching diagram seems to be somewhat lacking in detail and/or correctness, perhaps you could point out specifically (in the greatest detail) the error that is giving you heartburn as clairvoyance is not one of my strong suits.

    Once you've specifically pointed out your concern perhaps I can lend a hand. Please remember to indicate which backing type you are referring to so I can be sure I'm consulting the correct diagram.
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  4. Chuck Coffer

    Chuck Coffer Well-Known Member

    Re: Riddle me this

    The diagram designed by CRI for the installation of tufted carpet is without flaw. It is the basis for any real understanding of how a room should be made taut.

    I would consider it a tremendous favor for someone to show me what I have been missing for these almost three deacades of stretching carpet.

    Yours in earnest,

    p.s. Please don't tell us about how it should be humped in with a kicker.

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