Cracks on concrete porch

Discussion in 'Concrete Floor Finishes' started by Journey, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. Journey

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    Doing the work is only a fraction of the project. Choosing the proper products and prep work seem to be equally if not more important.
    I have found this website to be of great value to an inexperienced homeowner that has the desire to learn some new skills. Thanks to the moderator of this site for having it, as well as the helpful members like mike A. , who seems to always find the time to help others.
    I finished a basement bathroom tile job i otherwise wouldnt have tackled because of the support and tips.
    I am attempting some maintenance on concrete and was hoping again to find some advice.

    My goal is to repair some areas of concrete porch, but unsure of several things. Are the needed? What product to use for best repair as well as what to expect for finished appearance as well as durability. I will attach photo or video. I have some small cracks on one porch and some other repairs

    Screenshot_20170808-230042.png Screenshot_20170808-230140.png Screenshot_20170808-230444.png Screenshot_20170808-230531.png
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  2. kwfloors

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  3. Journey

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    KWfloors, thanks for the quick response. I will go check on those at home depot this weekend. I also was wondering what the odds are of blending thr repair work to match existing. I sure cant visialize how.
  4. kwfloors

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    The concrete mender you add sand that would blend it into the existing color. The cement all is fast drying but dries light gray to almost white. Maybe you can stain that after it cures.
  5. Mike Antonetti

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    Yeah, there's some issues. First off, I've seen so many attempts at crack repair they usually grab my attention versus blend or bridge uniformity.

    Color is always an issue, the mix,age,texture,etc.

    The stanchion obviously has weight bearing and there's no footer to reinforce the slab, probably not required, but that is result.

    Two ways of adding filler are a cement which dries hard and non flexible which will end up with hairline crack on side, or proper caulking which should stay bonded to each side and allow minor movement.

    Same may happen with vertical repair. When I was filling abandoned 4" drains one way I would ensure patch would stay is stuff down paper, then hammer drill about 2" down along sides and fasten some Tapcons basically rebar to prevent patch from sinking when filled.

    I'm not sure how to age and blend your existing concrete, I did many patches of granite and marble for couple years, it's all about the dye, bought some books about color cause I skipped that in school, thought it was for girls! Ignorant of me, also my color perception is not 100%, which as far as I've heard, woman have far less deficiency than men, hence our clothing may not match.

    So I caught this topic, cracks are a peeve of mine when excessive, two driveways in my neighborhood are annoying. On the top crack try not to smear the filler overlapping each side by an inch. On the side, the worn away sand and Portland cement leaves a certain texture, matching that takes thought and skill to recreate the aggregate.

    So now both would catch my eye walking up to your home, understandable of the cause, but if you botch it, make it look worse, I will then say to myself, typical homeowner what else have they tried to repair?

    This is an underground parking and priority is to stop water, just pointing out the displeasing aesthetics. Added a few others. The driveway slab end angle usually cracks due to narrowness so they cut control joint designed to crack straight similar to your situation, rather than go deep with footer.

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  6. Journey

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    Mike, The 2 photo's with the somewhat exposed aggregate look is my front porch which is seen from the road. The hole is on the vertical face of the porch. I have been trying to find some video's on trying to patch it with some aggregate if its possible, but have not found any techniques. If it is at all possible with minimal skill to try and fix it without it standing out like a sore thumb, I would like to attempt it. The porch is in otherwise good condition. The other 2 photo's are my back porch and a couple ideas were presented by KWfloors which I will look into. I realize my expectations might be a little unreasonable but I hate seeing patchwork that sticks out worse than the original crack what was repaired.
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