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  1. UncleV

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    We are going to install COREtec plus in a bathroom/kitchen . The original installation is sheet vinyl over luan. The installer is going to remove the sheet vinyl and luan underlayment and then install the COREtec. The reason we are doing this is to maintain the same grade for all the flooring on the first floor. I have a few questions: Since it is floating and has to maintain a 1/4 gap all around, how should it be installed correctly around bi fold door base mounts? Also the original installer of the sheet did not undercut the door jambs and used adhesive to hide the cuts. The installer of the COREtec is going to remove all floor moldings and undertcut the jambs properly. I'm afraid the undercuts will not get rid of the adhesive and also may have gaps to the floor. I'm thinking this because the depth of the CORETec is exactly the same as the sheet vinyl with luan which will be removed. I am attaching pictures to assist in evaluation. Thank you all for your professional input.

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  2. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    That's prob'ly dried up old latex caulk, not adhesive. It's not that difficult to remove. It sounds like you have contracted the service of a good installer who knows that those door casings and trims need to be undercut and the gaps necessary around the walls, etc., need to be covered by baseboard. Perhaps you should consider upgrading the baseboards too - it'll make a world of difference.

    Tell your installers about us here at TFP. We need guys like him to help guys like you and to help us all help each other to become better pros.

    Enjoy your new floor.

  3. UncleV

    UncleV Active Member

    Yes we will be installing new baseboards. What do you think the best way is to handle the floor mount for the bifold doors in the first picture
  4. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    Those are screwed into the door casing, not the floor.
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  5. UncleV

    UncleV Active Member

    Believe it or not if you look closely there is a Phillips head screw going into that metal base into the floor where it butts up against the casing there should be two screws holding it in there but there is not. I guess I could do just the opposite of what's there and put two screws holding the bracket into the casing but not put one into the floor that should probably hold it enough
  6. kwfloors

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    Just don't put the one back into the floor. Sometimes you will run into short, stripped screws mounting that bracket to the jam so you may need some longer screws there but leave the floor one out. It will be fine.
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  7. Incognito

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    If that were my house I'd cut out all that rotten, scabby wood and caulking at the bottom of the door jambs an either replace with custom fit wood or Bondo. Either method will require sanding/putty/touch-up and paint.

    I'd take care of that before any of the flooring work started. What's shown in the photos is some of the sloppiest caulking of a door jamb I've ever seen-----and Ive seen a lot of shoddy work.

    It's hard to be certain from the photos what's behind the caulk but it appears that they had large voids below the jamb and the underlayment was alos cut shot of the jambs. Horrible all around.
  8. MFloor

    MFloor Pro Member

    I do understand taking out the sheet vinyl and luan, since there is that slight height difference. That said, depending on a few factors, i always give home owners the option of not doing the tear out. COREtec was designed to avoid the need for such prep work. I lay out some planks have them walk it, and most can't feel it. and to top it off skim that out smooth, never know it was there. Of course i would tear that crap out in my own house, but if it going to save you $200 bucks, thats something to think about.

    All that said, ive been doing this for 18 years, and came here so these guys could school me on things. So default to there advice.

    Hey Jim, does this thing have spell check? If so, better give it a tune up before letting me know where it is? No worries, if not, only going to keep correcting myself until I have earned my keep on here. After that good luck reading my stuff.
  9. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    It's browsers that have spell check, not forum software. Can't blame it on me. ;) As far as earning your keep; you're doing just fine.

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