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  1. Don Monfils

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    Recently I had an issue with a coretec stair nose falling off. I called there tec # and asked how they recommended there stair nose be adhered. They said to rough up the back side of the stair nose ( which I have done, even though I have never seen that in their installation instructions) then she said to use PL Premium ( urethane construction adhesive) in an "S" pattern,
    and to apply weight for 48 hours And that Painters tape will not work.
    Also I mentioned if the planks are installed parallel to the stair nose the planks can sometimes be lifted and and disengage.
    She said the last row , regardless of the direction should be glued with their adhesive. I asked about the floating floor being locked down in that area and she said the floor is stable and the expansion is just for expansion of the homes walls .
    I have nailed down a 3/4" scrap strip of the flooring at the stair nose and left a slight expansion with the floor, thinking the stair nose would not lift.
    Also I mentioned how a lot of times we go from LVP to ceramic or other flooring with a slightly different height. I have had good luck using a "T" molding with a heavy bead of silicone.She said if you can not use their track they recommend another a different type of transition,what ... metal??
    Just thought I would pass this along
  2. kylenelson

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    Good info, all of which I have found to be true. Kind of chincy transitions for a higher priced floor, in my opinion.
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  3. SteveG

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    Coretec on stairs is a huge pain, and the nosings break off once your homeowner starts walking on them.
  4. I'm hearing complaints about the transitions and nosings on other design threads. Once people get over the "scratching" issues, it seems the next point of concern for CoreTec seems to be the trim/mouldings. These concerns have been going on for a few years - mainly from homeowners but the professionals have also noticed they are flimsy to work with as well.
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  5. Steve Olson

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    Those transitions are a bit problematic. Our shop chooses to avoid using them whenever possible. Stairs, I do as they suggest with the nose, but I do full spread the plank, for areas like thresholds, bath tubs, showers etc, I scribe close, but leave a 1/16th gap, ( I don't buy into that tight fit stuff), and use an appropriate colored silicone to hide the gap. On carpet, I use the reducer when they supply them, flat bar if they don't, and Z bar when I can. I am, but a man...
  6. Matt Lister

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    I prefer to us Versatrim's stair nose whenever I can. It is aluminum, and they come in pretty much all of the CoreTec (USFloors) colors. Versatrim is getting to the point to where they are making more and more of the trim for my suppliers here in the US, and they are not getting them from China. I could see before long, all the trim will be from Versatrim.
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