Concrete wall old tile removal

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  1. Hi everyone,

    The following pictures are from a concrete wall in the basement bathroom shower of my house. The other 2 walls I had no problem removing as I am replacing with dense shield, but this wall, I don't understand what this stuff is. When I chipped off the tiles, they werent tiles at all from what it looked like, they were like plastic caps...and now I am left with this glue or something.

    I know this is a flooring forum, just wondering what I should do to remove this adhesive, and would I be able to tile directly onto the concrete slab after?

    thank you all in advance and excuse my ignorance if I am missing something totally obvious,

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  2. Mike Antonetti

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    It could be a mastic hard to tell. Water had gotten behind tile evident by the mold(common)

    I would try to remove probably with a small chipping hammer bit and a diamond grinder with shroud attached for dust containment. maybe get rid of that mold before disturbing.

    Ceramic can be bonded to poured concrete wall, if there are cracks a crack suppression membrane would be applied first. And it would act as waterproofer.
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