Complete Magnus Anderson Dustless Floor refinishing System for sale

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  1. jeff a stackpole

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    Complete Dustless Floor Finishing System
    Garner, NC
    Complete Dustless floor finishing System.
    Featuring 7x14 atomic trailer with 27hp water cooled dust collection System with only 227 hours.

    The trailer comes with the following Items
    Bona X 10" belt sander
    Bona Toe-kick Edger
    Bona buffer
    All the needed cords
    Bona power Station
    Bona buffer
    300ft Dust collection hose
    Fully stocked with sand paper

    Buy today start refinishing floors tomorrow.

    [Reply here or PM me.]

    stackpole01.jpg stackpole02.jpg stackpole03.jpg stackpole04.jpg stackpole05.jpg
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  2. That’s an interesting setup.
  3. jeff a stackpole

    jeff a stackpole Pro Member

    Works very well.
  4. Are you still refinishing Floors?

    The system seems inefficient, costly to run. I’d rather use homeowners energy and portable system than a dedicated trailer.

    What’s the CFM of the blower?(roots brand?)
  5. I don’t even like charging my 18 volts on my dime.

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