Combined Experience of Flooring Professionals at TFP

Discussion in 'Spotlight on Flooring Professionalism' started by Tandy Reeves, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Darol Wester

    Darol Wester Charter Member Senior Member

    35 years for this ol puppy. Have had some scary times with the knees and back, but always pulled out of it. Knockin on any wood I can find.;)
  2. wizardsway1

    wizardsway1 Pro Member

    25 years and counting.
  3. semaj

    semaj Pro Member

    Closing in on 30years
  4. rickwright

    rickwright Pro Member

    This is my 40th year in the flooring business
  5. jerwasup

    jerwasup Pro Member

    31 years
  6. Lo Down

    Lo Down Old as dirt member Charter Member Senior Member

    .............. actually Tandy................. that could be a VERY GOOD thing if ya really think about it. :yesss:
    I don't believe I have added my own 33+ years to the pool.
    I'm truly amazed you have been tabulating all this......... pretty darn cool Tandy. I just now noticed this topic.:yesss:
  7. tn floorguy

    tn floorguy Pro Member

    Add another 15 here.
  8. You can add 25 Years of service to the flooring industry for me . .
  9. Allen Shepherd

    Allen Shepherd Charter Member

    43 Years and still going wrong. Oops, I mean strong!
  10. kylenelson

    kylenelson You'll find me on the floor I Support TFP Senior Member

    By my estimates, the average person here has around 36 years of experience....that's insane. Good job guys!
  11. Daris Mulkin

    Daris Mulkin The One and Only Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    Lets see if the new guys or gals that have come to the board will post their experience time and add to the years.

  12. polestretch

    polestretch Senior Member

    Alright Daris, I will own up to 26.512458456 years
  13. TwoStar

    TwoStar Maybe Three

    a paltry 12 years for me.
  14. Ironhat

    Ironhat Pro Member

    I been installing flooring 10 years 4 as apprentice 6 as jorneymen yup kinda of a newbe:yesss:
  15. AST

    AST Pro Member

    28 yrs full time. Like the rest of us.......add 10 yrs picking up scraps
  16. nimrod

    nimrod Pro Member

    started when I was 14 yrs old. working for father after school and weekends. Full time since graduation in '78. So I guess that classifies as 32 + yrs.....:D
  17. Tandy Reeves

    Tandy Reeves Resting In Peace Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    Combined Experience of Flooring Professionals at TFP #2

    On July 12, 2009 we started a thread about installer experience. The last total of years experience we had was 2,387 years combined experience. This total was as of May 2, 2010.

    We have had more pros come on board and it would be nice to add their experience to our total.

    I would have moved the first post to here, but don't have a clue of how to do it.
  18. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    Great idea, Tandy. I merged your new topic with the old one. I'll make sure it's a sticky topic so it's always at the top of the list of topics in this forum - Spotlight on Professionalism.

  19. FYI FLoors

    FYI FLoors Pro Member

    Ummm....I dont know what the telly was but I have been in and on flooring jobs since I was in nappies. Quit school and started my apprenticeship at 15 so that gives me 20ish years working in the trade and 36 years having to listern to ya all talk about the trade:p
  20. Bearman

    Bearman Pro Member

    Nice to be here, great sight!
    Hope I can help at times, and not step on any toes, or make to many grammar errors.:rolleyes:

    33 years full time
    Lifer looks like!

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