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  1. netminderone

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    Have an 500 sq.ft. room i installed lvt. vinyl 4mill. plank with a minim underlayment. a month later, there's a gap about 1/16 of an inch running across the whole length of the floor in the middle of the room, my ? is, could i use a vinyl putty & blend it in? or do i have to un click half the room & re install it? or anybody got any idea's on how to fix without un clicking it? Need ASAP!!! thanks john
  2. Mike Antonetti

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    Do you "know" what caused it? Is there a dip/valley (vertical movement) in that area? Did product shrink?

    Filler would have to be flexible, I don't think it could be concealed. Reattaching trick I don't know, that product irritates me, only laminate I've kicked back into place a few times with the grip of boot and forward motion. Guys here must be making good money with it though, so interesting the procedure will be to hear.
  3. Chris 45

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    Possibly those planks weren't fully seated to begin with or subfloor unevenness played a part. Don't think with a thin LVP that the locking mechanism wouldn't just smush instead of click back together if you tried kicking it or using a pull bar.
  4. kwfloors

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    Try and get it together from the edge with a pry bar or tapping tool. Might be able to clamp it to squeeze it together also.
  5. Grant H

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    Heard of a guy using double sided tape to adhere a tapping block down to close a gap he couldn't get leverage behind. Just make sure there's a way to pry the block off the floor afterwards. His had a rebate under one end.
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  6. kwfloors

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  7. wood butcher

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    You might be able to use a unifix repair tool , sometimes lvt has a flexible tongue so it can be knocked together while flat. The unifix tool is $80 plus. It has the force to close gap, only question is will the shape of the locking system allow the boards to knock together and stay together? you can always use the unifix to open the floor more. Then plane off the upstand (as you would if you are installing laminate under a doorway) on the locking system and then glue together the whole line.

    If its come undone its probably a subfloor flatness issue.
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  8. Floor Boss

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    I've used the unifix tool quite successfully. It's exactly the same as this video of the 'bulldog'

    I bought two more for our crews. It even worked for a TnG glued floating engineered 'repair' where in the middle of an area the client complained of 'shorts'!
    The crew was able to salvage most of the planks for reuse.
    I agree with wood butcher.... open up, find/fix the problem, then glue the joints before tapping back!
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