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Discussion in 'Industry News, Training & Organizations' started by Handy Andy, Feb 25, 2007.

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    Is there a recognized cleaning training organization? Any suggestions? I dont think I want to be involved in a franchise type of operation. I only done enough research to know there is a controversy over what the best methods and equipment is(i asked in another forum here for help on that). Knowing the kind of training available will help me decide for myself too. Andy
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    they are good at cleaning training,,,, just keep in mind, like a lot of training classes from such organizations, they want your money in dues, continuing education classes,
    and each year, they will have more and better advance classes,,,, just be careful of all organizations! pick and choose only what is best for you,,, think and plan a budget for training as to where you want to go in your biz and how you want to end up? do this for life? or, a few years while deciding on other careers, make a plan, think it thru, consult with your family and how this will affect them, how much will they be involved, are you married? will she be working with you? Start out part time working toward full time, or, full time, whatever, do you have the money to cover the monthly bills equipment and supplies while getting this started? make a plan, do not just "start" ,,,, becuase that sounds like something I would do! :D
    oh yea, you must also have some money set aside for unexpected events or accidents, or, bad breaks, or, you know, what if you get sick? will you have the money to take care of all that if you have a family,

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