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    I brought a apartment and the bathroom floor looks like below.
    Cannot renovate for a few years. Is there a way to clean the grout? The tile itself looks like it's in good shape, just the grout makes it look nasty.

    Completely new to all this stuff so any help is greatly appreciated.

    IMG_3840.JPG IMG_3838.JPG

    I should add I tried cleaning with a variety of cleaning products and tools , including tooth brushes, with little success. Is there any proven way to clean it?
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    I use Zep grout whitener, yes me, not the wife. She always use to clean bathroom then started slacking, so I took over. I told her I didn't realize what a pain in ass it was and how fast it got dirty.

    I actually bought this product from Home Depot then returned it when I found the other bottle I had from years ago. Then I ran out and bought another bottle about a month ago. Looked for it yesterday.

    So I pulled the glass door and mirror out the other day for hurricane/tornado room, wife asked why area had dirty grout, kinda different said maybe it was the soap, not sure.

    What is occurring on your floor grout is the Portland grout stays wet due to mudbed underneath, that combined with organic matter cleaning the body continually provides food for mildew growth, so more frequency is necessary for cleaning. I use a large scrub brush, put on full strength, several times with ventilation.

    Now that my shower doors are off I'm trying to design in my head the bathroom without them, just slope most of floor to drain, waterproof tile walls etc. Small bathroom but may be possible, trying to get the wife onboard with the idea, saying I have to use CLR on the doors to wash outside one of these days.

    brush01.jpg Here's a brush I use, the cleaner is at Home Depot as well, I don't shop Walmart.

    The mildew issue is nonstop, my wife's aunt asked me same issue I saw. Trick is on your next shower floor is waterproofing above mudbed, and grout that does not absorb water for it to get behind/under tile.

    Part of my issue with moisture vapor in home topic!

    Zep Commercial Grout Cleaner, 32 oz at Walmart
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