Cleaners remove matte finish from luxury vinyl plank flooring

Discussion in 'Vinyl Flooring Q&A' started by Lomac, Jan 12, 2020.

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    I had glue down XL LVP installed in my kitchen and dining room. After the installation there were shiny areas left in different spots on the floor and as it was a matte finish, it made the floor look dirty. Originally it was thought some adhesive had seeped out of the seams and when wiping it up it had spread around the seams and could not be removed. Finally, after numerous cleaning agents left the shiny spots untouched and actually made them worse, it was decided that the cleaners, even the mildest dish soap, were actually removing the matte finish from the vinyl and the companies solution was to remove the original matte finish from the floor and reapply another finish of my choice. My question is, it this worth doing, doesn't the original problem indicate the vinyl planking had a compromised finish and adding another one on top of it will just create the same problem? Thanks for any helpful suggestions.
  2. Mark Brown

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    Most lvp is finished with a urethane or equivalent style of finish, i would be very suspect of anyone who told me they could remove it or for that matter reapply it in any kind of manner that would match factory.
    I am definitely not the most learned person in this area of expertise but i would call phooey
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    It is possible to recoat the finish on LVP. Check with the mfg. of said flooring.

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