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    Carpet and Resilient Training at a Discount in Milwaukee
    Now is your opportunity to receive quality CFI training at affordable prices. If you are a WFCA member the cost of these events will be reduced by $200.00 right off the top. If you sign-up for the scholarship funds 30 days in advance the remaining cost will be reduced by 1/2. Here's the math:

    -$200.00 (WFCA Member)
    -$147.50 (if you you submit with WFCA for reimbursement 30 days in advance)
    $147.50 your total out of pocket cost

    WiFCA will also help out with reduced pricing for WiFCA/WFCA memberships for this event we will offer our special discounted rate of $225.00 ( joining with WFCA alone would be $295.00) for a joint membership if you can sign-up through us by June 15th!
    Wisconsin Floor Covering Association (WiFCA)
    Membership Application

    For the period ending December 31, 2015

    Company Name_______________________________________________________________

    Contact Name_________________________________________________________________


    City_______________________________________ State___________ Zip______________

    Mailing Address (if different from above)___________________________________________

    City_______________________________________ State___________ Zip______________

    Phone 1. (_______)_____________________ Phone 2. (_______)_______________________

    Fax (________)______________________ Website___________________________________


    Joint Annual Dues $225** for membership in the WiFCA and WFCA
    ** Send in membership before January 16, 2015

    While we encourage joint membership, it is possible to only join WiFCA for an annual fee of $125.
    If you decide to join direct with World Floor Covering Association it costs $295.
    Sign up for Joint Membership for $275 and get the benefits of both organizations!

    WiFCA/WFCA Joint Membership $275 * WiFCA Only Membership $125* 

    WiFCA Manufacturer/Distributor Rep $100  WiFCA Mfr/Dist. 5-9 Reps $375 
    WiFCA Mfr/Dist. 10 or more Reps $675 
    *This includes retail, installation, and all flooring service providers
    Please submit payment with completed application to:
    Wisconsin Floor Covering Association or fax to: 608-216-9802
    P.O. Box 259301 Attn: Roger Hegg
    Madison, WI 53725-9301 Questions? Call Roger at 608-216-9800

    Make checks payable to: Wisconsin Floor Covering Association, or pay by credit card:

    MC/ Visa/Amex/Discover #_________________________________V-Code*______ Exp_______
    * Please include the 3-digit V-code on the back of your card(if Amer. express 4 digit code on front)
    Also if using credit card name and billing address if different than contact name/address/zip

    Signature_____________________________________________ Amount__________________

    Membership dues paid to the WFCA are not tax deductible as charitable contributions; however, they may be tax deductible as ordinary business expenses. WFCA estimates that 12% of your dues are not deductible because of WFCA’s lobbying activities on behalf of its membership.
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    WHAT events? It'd be nice to know more information about the events.
  3. Nate Hall

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    Carpet and resilient certifications...sorry:(

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