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Discussion in 'Industry News, Training & Organizations' started by Mike Antonetti, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. All Installers should be CFI members, information packets should be at every retailer, supply shop , distributor. First year 25$ for basic members, not tested just to familiarize with association, then R&C 1&2 after testing. Member should get proper install methods booklet.
    Somehow I gradually, slowly, got sucked into this black hole of flooring installation, and can't get out, why should anyone else! So at least we should be installing correctly.
  2. Daris Mulkin

    Daris Mulkin The One and Only Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    MIke, CFI doesn't really want all the installers-just the cream of the crop.
    But it would be nice if we could get the trainings and updates out there to all installers. That would greatly improve on how it is done and maybe get us a little more money which is what everyone wants. Even the recognition of what we do would help a lot.

    Daris [​IMG]
  3. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain TFP Owner/Founder Administrator

    Mike, you do realize that this forum is for CFI members only, don't you? You are preaching to the choir. No one can read messages in this forum unless they are already CFI and have pro access to TFP.

    Daris, I try my best to get CFI training info on our calendar or in the training forum. But I have to do the same for all organizations and also manage the rest of the website. I know people think what I do is easy, or I got nothing better to do, but the truth is, I spend a LOT of hours here doing my job and still neglect an awful lot of things.

    TFP, after almost 7 years now, gets tremendous exposure - thousands of visitors every day, an awful lot of them flooring professionals. We have 65 members who have access to this forum, which means they have registered and added the right info to their profile to get pro access, including info regarding their CFI status. But we have (as of this moment) 361 registered members who say they are pros, but have not added any details to their profiles or contacted me for pro access. Some of them are also probably CFI members, but can't follow the simple instructions the system sends them (2 nearly identical messages, one via email, the other via PM) on how to get pro access. I realize that some of those registered members lied when they clicked that my-job-is-flooring button, thinking access to our "secret" forums would be automatic, even though it is made very clear it is not during registration. But there are still a large number of pros that don't follow the instructions.

    Even so, of the 65 CFI members and thousands of other pros here, only a few have actually posted messages or added info to our calendar system about training in their neck of the woods. I don't know if they think I will do it all, or what. My guess is that there are probably seminars and workshops going on all over the country that our members know about, but for some reason, don't tell anyone about on TFP. I have a feeling a lot of people think these computer things are just magical and training information will just appear. Real people have to do the work.

    Okay, I'll climb down from my soapbox now. Sorry.

  4. Jim , yes I realize this is CFI forum, I wanted to run it by them first,
    And seriously I realize how much work this site is after you entered more than 10k posts congrats.

    Daris, the cream of the crop would be the master installers, and the canned goods would be the lower levels.

    Installers repel education, I think CFI should envelop all installers, and their quality will increase gradually.

    I'm mad as hell there's no training in my area, I ask the supply house, nothing, one said bona and I said I would be interested but nothing.

    The retailers set prices around here because of competition, I don't see prices of installation increasing, only on side jobs to get a fair price.

    Only 65 CFI registered on this forum, I'm appalled - E mail should go out urging to contribute to support this site. Nate is very positive about CFI , Daris of course you too, missed Roland, will try to get to CFI convention in Maryland.

    I guess I'm not too influential, and I even read a book How to get others to do what you want, that was a long time ago, I just use that for the flooring, I say Lay Down, and it listens, my dog does too every now and then.
  5. Daris Mulkin

    Daris Mulkin The One and Only Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    Jim I didn't pay any attention to what forum it was in when I answered. I just answered. And let me tell you that we appreciate all the training dates you put up, CFI or otherwise. If people don't read or attend the trainings then it is their LOSS.

    Daris [​IMG]
  6. Nate Hall

    Nate Hall Types With toes I Support TFP Senior Member Published

    Mike, if a supply house in your area said they are "interested" that's your cue to get a date, contact the CFI office and set it up, then put posters every where!
    Next thing you know you're the president of your local CFI chapter. Be warned though, once you start a chapter your hair-line starts to move. You could end up with a very popular and successful chapter but you also get a fore-head the size of Rolands'.:eek:
  7. I know Nate , that's my new motto I find myself repeating. "Careful what you ask for, you might get it."
  8. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain TFP Owner/Founder Administrator

    Now it's 66. A new member mentioned he had been CFI for the last 10 years, but when I checked his profile, he didn't mention it (Hanover Fist). So I added that info to his profile (I don't like editing profiles, but they can't have access to pro forums without something there. Of course, everyone can edit their profiles and some have removed info they once had there, for some reason.

    My little soapbox diatribe only meant that members who hear about a seminar or other training event should post it on TFP. Even if it is only meant for local installers or regional sales associates. TFP is world-wide, but we have lots of people who don't know about training in their own locations. It's up to our pros to let them know. And it's an unfortunate fact that there is at least one guy who organizes training events, but won't let me know about them because he doesn't like me. But I know he tells other TFP members and they don't post about them here. People who do that think they are hurting me, but they are hurting many others who deserve better.

  9. I've absorbed your post Jim, well the person your speaking of that doesn't let others know of traing. Thru floor Pro, one bit of advice- mature yourself and get past this block wall, relinquish this thought and move on. No I'm not a scientologist.
    And maybe you need a hot secretary to do some data entry! Just kidn, I'll look some training up and see if I can add it.
  10. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain TFP Owner/Founder Administrator

    Hot secretary? I already got a lung condition. Now you want me to have a heart condition? :yesss:
  11. brett chaltry

    brett chaltry Pro Member

    I had a brainstorm the other day .go figure .tell me what you all think a pattern woven workshop @ bloomberg carpet mill.
  12. Nate Hall

    Nate Hall Types With toes I Support TFP Senior Member Published

    With a mill tour? Where do I sign up?
  13. Harry Myers

    Harry Myers Charter Member

    Jim what is Hanover Fist real name. I see he is in Charlotte
  14. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain TFP Owner/Founder Administrator

    I don't know. Members aren't required to reveal their real names here. You can PM him and ask though.
  15. Roland Thompson

    Roland Thompson Charter Member Senior Member

    Ok, time for me to jump in. First I want to say, Mike very sorry we missed each other, Would have love to set and have a cup of coffee with you. I was on the move the hole time at surfaces, going from the CFI booth to help grade test and give a hand at the certification, to going around taking care of my marketting duty's for CFI. Then having meeting and diner with people I need to talk to.
    Now getting on topic. I fell we would be doing injustice to the installers who studied and took the test to get thier certification if we just let anyone hold a title for a few dollars. even if it did not say certified, people would only see the words CFI.
    Next, I AM BALD AND LOVE IT, it is a solar panel for a sex michine.
    It is not easy to get retailers and other people to understand training, it takes hard work and staying on top of things. Once it set's in with them it becomes easy.
    Jim, I know you can not be talking about me because I do like you. Now I do fit the part of not getting you the training stuff in this area. I guess because I know you get the list from CFI about our training's I forget to get you the one's that are not CFI trainings.
  16. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain TFP Owner/Founder Administrator

    No, I wouldn't be talking smack about you, Roland. You have provided info on training and have been a great support for TFP. In fact, it's almost like I am preaching to the choir too, because most of the participants in this topic have supported our efforts to promote training in the industry, either by posting or sending me training info, or by helping our members day after day with their own knowledge and guidance.

    So, it must be all them other guys lurking and sitting on their collective thumbs. ;)

  17. Dave Garden

    Dave Garden CFI and Proud

    I am sorry I have not had a time to comment on any posts recently. I have been extremely busy learning how to spell correctly. Any one who has read my past posts understands how I feel about education inside our trade. Not only is it important, but it is the only thing that truly gives oyu an edge anymore. I am not talking about a competitive edge with fellow installers, but a personal edge in understanding how to make money. That is after all why why work, isn't it? Truth of the matter is, if you do not care about doing the job correctly you never feel right about yourself. That is human nature. The people in this forum want to do their respective jobs correctly. That's what brings them here. Whenever I am at a training I like to show this website along with CFI's as the class is ending. Of course I stress the manufacture trumps all advice!
    As far as who CFI is for. It is for anyone willing to learn. Keep an open mind and understand nobody has ever truly mastered his trade until there is nothing left to learn. I am still learning. Daris and Roland are both my collegues and mentors in one way or another. But not because they are Master II installers, but because they are valued freinds whom are extremely intelligent inside and outside of our trade.
    There are different levels inside CFI for a reason. Not everyone is going to understand woven, or faculty goods. NOt all commercial installers understand upholstry work. Yet anyone of us are probably very good at what we do for our particular shop.
    I always considered CFI to be the reason we have no excuse to be ignorant about our responsibilities inside our trade. In other words, a CFI installer should never say he did not know.
    I thought I was a great installer until I joined CFI. The truth was I was young and loved to work. I however had no clue what it took to run an installation correctly. CFI helped me tremendously.
    All of us in this forum should look around. Are we actually leaving our trade better than we found it? We are the first generation that can say no we are not. We as human beings owe it to humanity to reverse this trend. If you want to complain about lack of funding to do this, consider this. Are you actually making what you are worth? The easy answer is no. YOur competition is cheap enough to force you to comprimise somewhere. If you want to make what you should be, then make your competition understand what they are worth! If theyvraise their rates your rates will not seam so out of wack.
    That's all I got right now, I have to work!
  18. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain TFP Owner/Founder Administrator

    Wow Dave, you may have waited a while to post, but when you do, it's a doozy. :thumbsup: :)
  19. Dave Garden

    Dave Garden CFI and Proud

    After reading my own post I have to realize how much I rely on spellcheck! Sorry so wordy. Important to know that as installers we need to keep up with a constantly evolving manufacturing process. Like I told my son when teaching him to hit a baseball. "Hit it before it gets to the plate". Same goes for us. Stay in front of the industry not behind it. Now back to spelling class I go.
  20. Roland, I knew you were busy and I would catch up to you at a future convention or certification.
    Dave , I believe I met you at CFI booth, are you WFCA president ? Daris introduced us and said I was on The Floor Pro and you said you promote CFI and TFP wherever you go?
    I used to think spelling was important, my friend is dyslexic, and my wife can't spell very well. What is important is communication and that trumps spelling any day!

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