CFI convention, Bordeoux, France I mean Grapevine Texas

Discussion in 'Industry News, Training & Organizations' started by Mike Antonetti, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. Sounds like it's packed full of training, who's going?
  2. Nate Hall

    Nate Hall Types With toes I Support TFP Senior Member Published

    I am! Big doings about training and certifications too.
  3. Roland Thompson

    Roland Thompson Charter Member Senior Member

    Yep Already have everything lined up.
  4. Here is an opportunity for someone with ambition and thirst to propel them into the industry, I remember those days. Nice, I figured you two were going.

    So learning there, tips, new methods and bringing what you've learned back and applying it pays for the convention and beyond. Hard to get people to understand that.
  5. Nate Hall

    Nate Hall Types With toes I Support TFP Senior Member Published

    People do not know how much they don"t know.
    Manufacturers are there, showcasing new products and new applications for products. New tools and even business practices that can make a career out of a job.
  6. Roland Thompson

    Roland Thompson Charter Member Senior Member

    So you coming Mike?
  7. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain TFP Owner/Founder Administrator

    So, is TFP ( officially off the email list about training and other events? Who do I have to beg or bribe to get information the same time every other organization gets it? I never had to ask Jane. She just sent it (or Jill did).
  8. Jill Sheets was pretty good, seems like they need to hire some type of marketing/organizer office staff guru.
  9. Roland Thompson

    Roland Thompson Charter Member Senior Member

    Jill is still there. Her and John run the office.
  10. Jon Scanlan

    Jon Scanlan That Kiwi Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    FloorNZ, which is the National Flooring Association of NZ ,needs to do something like this for its members
  11. No Roland, won't be there, nor surfaces, not sure about the next year. I guess I need to decide way ahead of time, like 10 months, then print the flyer so I can see it, and schedule. The e mails I look at, say it's a long ways away and they pass by.

    I didn't know Jill was still there, anytime I needed something which was only couple times she helped. I haven't contacted them in a long while.

    Jim, I contacted a floor prep company, left messages with two different people about renting a 18"diamond grinder/buffer w vacuum attachment about 2 weeks ago, they never called me back. Some lady tracked me down at retailer wanting my phone number for tile removal, took me couple days to call her back, she called yesterday and had her husband call and leave a message. I almost feel you have to be aggressive to get through to anyone.

    My auto body friend is busy, my welder fabricator guy is busy, I can't even get them to do smaller projects (paint a bumper and spoiler, weld some piping,modifications to vacuums) so I feel your frustration.

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