CFI carpet inspection training

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  1. Jonathan Garcia

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  2. Why not C1 and C2?

    Inspector is good for knowledge but I think you need to know dam near everything about carpet in order to see the curve ball litigation may throw.
  3. Jonathan Garcia

    Jonathan Garcia Pro Member

    they are only offering C1 that week in Florida. can you take C1 and C2 at the same time?
  4. C1 I wouldn’t drive 50 miles for. Now C2, then you’re showing some credentials. Why are ou not going to Surfaces in mid January?
  5. Roland Thompson

    Roland Thompson Charter Member Senior Member

    Mike back in the day, years and years ago you could get all four in the two day time frame. Now we only offer R-1 and C-1 in a two day time frame. Going for the You can move up two the R-2 in a two day setting. Moving to a C-2 is now 3 days. We added working with woven goods to it. When you get into C-2 you could run into wovens and patterns all the time on big jobs. Need that extra time. When a person gets a C-2 now ( been that way for some time ) is really on the level as the old Masters.
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  6. Jonathan Garcia

    Jonathan Garcia Pro Member

    I've been looking at Surfaces but don't think I'll be going. Hey Roland, thx for the info. can you tell me a bit more of the inspection training offered by CFI?

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