CFI 21st Convention a Smashing Success!

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    [​IMG]“There’s nothing like a CFI Convention! It’s the greatest family reunion in the flooring industry! The excitement, the enthusiasm to learn and the energy to make new things happen are the major elements of the Convention,” said Jim Walker, CEO. “From Washington, California, New Hampshire, Florida, South Africa and all parts in between, the attendees all remarked that they “got” what they came for; to have a good time and return home more knowledgeable; our members love their Convention!”

    The CFI Board of Directors met on Thursday followed by the CFI Certification Team Annual Meeting. This was a brainstorming session to review and revise the training as needed. New ideas to reach more installers will be implemented. The Team consists of 78 full-time members with over 300 who assist in various sections of the country.

    Robert Varden, Executive Director welcomed the guests on Friday morning and thanked the members of the Press for their attendance, the CFI Associates for their contributions to the success of the event and the annual commemorative convention jacket that was met with overwhelming satisfaction by the attendees. “The CFI Jacket is highly regarded by our members and worn proudly throughout the year. We know this has been a part of the Convention for 21 years and our members told us how much they look forward to the jacket. We appreciate the contributions from the manufacturers that make this possible,” said Varden.

    The Chris Davis Award is presented in his memory to recognize an individual who promotes and is dedicated to quality flooring installation. The 2014 recipient is Tom Jennings who goes above and beyond to stress the value that professional flooring installation brings to the customer. Tom is well known for his work with dealers and installers promoting installation training. With his background in the retail business, Tom knows the value of qualified flooring installers to satisfy the customers. He is the Vice-President of Member Services WFCA and a friend to CFI.

    Don Styka, Director of Technical Services for Tarkett, “I was one of the first members of CFI and it is a joy to congratulate you on how far the CFI influence has grown throughout the world. I’m especially proud of the number of young first timers that continue to be a part of the programs. This is essential to our growth.”

    The annual Charles R. Gress Awards were presented by Bob Gillespie, Past President. “It is a humbling experience to present these awards each year as I remember when I was the recipient and how much it meant to me. Those who receive the Gress Award which is the highest award that can be achieved by a flooring installer in this industry do not know until their names are called at Convention. This year the awards went to Bryan Artioli of Tennessee; Scott Ballard of Maryland and Michael Buckhardt of Indiana. These three individuals are dedicated members of the CFI Certification Team and promote the organization in their local areas. They have gone above and beyond what is requested of them to share the value of CFI,” said Bob.

    Jennifer Hughes, Program Director of The International Surfaces Event (TISE) shared the program outlines for both the East and West events. She generated excitement in the room when she announced the winner of the Hanley Wood scholarship to the West event. “Jay Zurn, owner of Precision Surfaces LLC in Slinger, Wisconsin is the winner to an all-expense paid trip to the event in January 20-23. 2015,” said Jennifer as she called the winner’s name. “We know you will enjoy your time at the TISE West Show. There is so much to do and see this year with more training, exhibits and seminars. We work the entire year to make The International Surface Event a show to remember.”

    “CFI greatly appreciates the support of Hanley Wood and will be conducting two training events at the Show,” said Jim Walker, CEO. The events focus on hands-on training. This year, CFI presents a residential-commercial resilient training and certification and a patterned-carpet workshop. Space is limited and registration is required online. The events filled up quickly last year as the TISE event is one where installers can receive their CFI Certifications as well as be a part of all the Show offers.”

    “Taylor Tools and Personna donated a tool for every installer present,” said Robert Varden, Executive Director. Many manufacturers donated gifts and shared their knowledge with our group. It puts the members on the cutting edge of what is new in the industry that they can share with their chapter members and friends when they return home.”

    The Manufacturer Showcase presented by the jacket sponsors included ArmorLock Industries, Armstrong, Crain, Gundlach, Mohawk, Pak-Lite, Personna, Powernail, Sponge Cushion Inc., Spray-Lock,
    Tarkett, Taylor Tools, TISE, TRAXX, Wagner Industries, World Floor Covering Association, Floor Covering Installer, Floor Covering News, Floor Covering Weekly, Floor Focus, Floor Trends, ProInstaller Magazine and the Floor Pro.

    John McHale and Jill Sheets from the National Office were ever present to provide directions to every event and make certain that every member’s needs were answered.
    The seminars were well attended. They included
    • The Science of the Correct Adhesive presented by Tim Provence and Tony Pastrana of Armstrong, Joe Cea of Congoleum, Dick Schmidt of Tarkett and Scott Parks of Tri-West.
    • Moisture Testing for Wood and Concrete and how this Relates to Flooring by Jason Spangler of Wagner Meters.
    • Mechanically Fastened and Glue-Down Wood Installation Workshop by Bob Gillespie, Tony Pastrana and Tim Provence
    • Water-based Acrylic Spray Adhesives, Saving Time and Money on Resilient Flooring Installations by Donald Hamm, Spray-Lock
    • Selling Flooring Installation in Today’s Market by Jim Walker
    • Woven and Patterned Carpet Workshop by Robert Varden
    • The Installation Business: Are You Making a Profit? by Jane Walker
    The cocktail hour was sponsored by Floor Covering Installer Magazine. Mike Chmielecki, Editor; addressed the group, “Keep doing what you do now. You are making a difference and we enjoy being a part of this.”

    On Saturday morning, Roland Thompson, Chairman of the Chapter Committee, “CFI appreciates its chapters and we need more. It’s time to establish one in your area to provide education and training locally. As Chairman of the Delmarva Chapter, I know how much this means to installers. Our associates are always willing to help with seminars and the local dealers in our area often host the events.”

    He introduced Rod Von Busch who reviewed the past Chapter Awards and the training and events sponsored through the years by the various chapters. He said, “CFI is very appreciative of the Fishman Company that has continuously sponsored the Chapter Award in the amount of $1,000.00.”

    “Bob Wagner, President of L. Fishman, “Our company donates this in the memory of Pat Fell, CFI Master-II #4304, who passed away in 2005 following a long battle with cancer. Pat was employed by our firm and was dedicated to the CFI mission. He was instrumental in many of the ideas that are used by CFI Chapters today and was always eager to share his knowledge and skills with others. We donate the funds to assist the chapters in providing training and education for their members.”

    Von Busch continued, “First Prize for the 9th consecutive year is CFI Delmarva that receives $500.00 to use for chapter programs. This Chapter does an outstanding job for CFI and reaches hundreds of people during the year. Tied for second place are CFI Fort Wayne and CFI Wisconsin who both hosted numerous events and receive $200.00 toward chapter programs. Third place goes to CFI Kentucky that receives $100.00 toward their programs. CFI appreciates the energy behind these chapters and their abilities to promote CFI to the local areas.”


    Allan deWit, Technical Support Manager from Belgotex Floorcoverings in South Africa shared the progress of the installation training in his country. “Our programs are based on the CFI concepts and methods of installation. We began this program with Jim Walker and his Team in 2005. It has grown to encompass several cities and provided training through the high schools and junior colleges as well. Our school graduates qualified installers annually who have completed the requirements of our course and go to work for an employer for six months to complete the training. Following that time, the employer has the opportunity to hire the installer. Without the CFI, we would not have accomplished this.”

    The group visited the FIANA Convention a few blocks away to view new products and tools. Doug Ray welcomed the CFI Group, “We are delighted to make this available to the CFI members. It’s a great opportunity for both groups.” The CFI members spent the morning speaking with the manufacturers and returned to the hotel for the farewell luncheon. Sonny Callaham and Jerry Squier of Royal Adhesives, “It was like a burst of energy to see all the CFI members open that door and enter the showroom. Great experience for all of us.”

    Robert Varden acted as the auctioneer by selling tools to the highest bidder for funds to be sent to Roy Davison who suffers from MD and is confined to his home after many years of being an active installer. Roy still serves as one of the technical directors of CFI and provides installation information daily to installers by sharing his wealth of information with them. Taylor Tools donated the tools and almost $3,000.00 will be given to Roy from the group to show their appreciation for all his does for CFI.

    Jeff Golden, Editor of ProInstaller Magazine spoke to the group. “ProInstaller is available online as a free subscription. Be sure to sign up and start receiving the magazine. We enjoy being a part of CFI and so glad you enjoyed the NOLA-themed registration bags,” said Jeff. He and Dan Lipman, Editor; donated the convention bags that were appreciated by the installers.

    The Convention concluded with an address by the new President, Tony Buckhardt of Fort Wayne, IN, “CFI is a brand that is well respected in the industry. With minimal resources, you and our team of hundreds across this nation have made this happen. We have the trainers that are the most skilled and knowledgeable in the industry that are willing to share with others to enhance the value of flooring installation worldwide. This will continue and always improve as we work together. If it is to be, it is up to me, is our motto and working together is what makes CFI strong. I am honored to be elected as your President and I pledge to do my part to make CFI stronger in the future.”
  2. Roland Thompson

    Roland Thompson Charter Member Senior Member

    Good to be back home but had a great time learning and networking. You can go to the Delmarva facebook page and see all the photo's.
  3. Nate Hall

    Nate Hall Types With Elbows Senior Member Published

    Lots of education, tons of free stuff, and a chance to talk shop with flooring was perfect.
  4. Mike Antonetti

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    Was that a couple months ago?
    Ok I read Floor Covering Installer, it was last week
  5. Jim McClain

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    CFI Board of Directors 2014

    At the 21st CFI International Convention, the following were elected by the membership to serve the association as directors.

    CFI Executive Board Members:
    CFI Executive Director is ROBERT VARDEN of Rockwall, Texas.
    CEO is Jim Walker of Kansas City, Missouri.

    Serving CFI as President for 2014 is TONY BUCKHARDT from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Master-II and certified in all flooring types, Lead trainer for the CFI Certification Team, Member of the CFI Executive Board and founding member of the George Buckhardt Memorial Fund established in memory of his father that assists installers with immediate needs.

    Vice-President, BEN BOATWRIGHT, Master Installer from Nashville, Tennessee

    Secretary is TIM PROVENCE, Master Installer from Aguanga, California and Director of Armstrong Technical Services Western Division of the United States

    Co-Chairmen of the CFI Certification Team are ROY DAVISON of Chillicothe, Missouri and BOB GILLESPIE of Grain Valley, Missouri
    Chairman of the CFI Marketing Committee is ROLAND THOMPSON from Maryland and he is also Chairman of the Chapter Committee employed by Kehne’s Carpet One.

    Immediate Past President is ALAN ELLIS of Council Bluffs, Iowa and President of Alan’s Floors Inc.

    Past President is LEON HARRISON of Tucson, Arizona; President of Harrison and Harrison Flooring LLC.

    Members of the Board of Directors expiring in 2015:
    DAVE GARDEN of Sterling Heights, Michigan; owner of Installation Services Inc.
    TIM CHAVEY of Sacramento, California; President of Flooring Specialists
    ROD VON BUSCH from Louisville, Kentucky; Vice-President of CDI

    Members of the CFI Board of Directors expiring in 2016:
    KEN MILES of Dalton, GA; Technical Services Director for Clayton Miller Carpet
    KELLY HUDDLESTON of La Junta, Colorado, President of Kelly Installations
    DICK SCHMIDT of Columbiana, Ohio; technical services Tarkett/Johnsonite
    BRYAN ARTIOLI of Nashville, TN; Manager Sales and Technical Services of RRenovations

    Board of Directors Expiring in 2017:
    RAY KNAPP of Rapid City, South Dakota; President of Ray Knapp and Associates
    TOM CARTMELL of Indianapolis, Indiana, sales director for Blakeley’s Inc.

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