Certified inspector Requirements?

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    there are several recognized Certification Bodies.
    1. NWFA. no class needed. Sign up, study, read the books, take the test. They give you the books to study upon joining NWFA and requesting to take the test. THe hard part is getting the written reports into NWFA to complete the certification.
    2. CTEF: ceramic tile education foundation. the most difficult test I've ever taken.
    3. IICRC. mostly carpet cleaners..
    4. FCITS.. in Dalton. The manufacuturers favorite because they are in dalton. the most used Company. www.fcits.org .. Obtain Certification for carpet, laminate, resilient.
    5. Tandy's School in Oklahoma. New, but very good. Tandy is old, but gives a great "hands on approach" in his training.
    6. International Certification Registry. Online and two days of classroom training.
    go to www.Inspectors-experts.com for more information.
    7. There is a marble flooring certification on it's way from the Marble Institute of America.
    8. THat's all I can remember off the top of my head. If the "certification company" has no website or web presence................... why bother attending?
    Promotion: that is up the the individual inspector... however....... there are web sites with listings from the certification companies.
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    we sent you to camp, moved without a forwarding address, and yet, you found us, dang!
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    I like your new glasses Mr. Ray:) . I hope they work better than your old ones :D
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    Ray Darrah & Harry Myers are twins!

    You guys have the same avatar.
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    uhhuh...changed your avartar.......I knew you had dark side :D .

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