Ceramic installation over wood and concrete

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    I have an installer working in a commercial building with a partial basement. The porcelain tile is going to be installed on the main level with both wood and concrete floors. The transitioning points are right in high traffic areas. They are now pretty much level. The wood subfloor is plywood and 1 1/4 thick so it's structurally sound. Can i use peel and stick tile membrane for the transition points and trust in a good modified thinner to install on the wood floor or can I used that membrane all on the wood floor to make sure I get proper adhesion. Normally on wood floors it's hardibacker all day but not on this one because the floors are already level. Any suggestions?? Thanks
  2. Bud Cline

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    NO! That "peel-n-stick" product is trash, it's a gimmick sold to unsuspecting soles.

    The "transition-joint" between the wood and the concrete MUST BE HONORED through to the surface of the tile, so plan on a joint at that point. I would use a mechanical transition product.

    Schluter-DILEX-BT/-BT/O/-BTS - Schluter-Systems

    You could also use Schluter DITRA on both sides of the joint to isolate the tile installation from the two dissimilar substrates to help with the expansion/contraction variables you are going to have using two different substrates under the same tile-plane.

    Schluter-DITRA - Schluter-Systems
  3. Bill Vincent

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    I've got project I'm working on right now, EXACTLY like this. I've got a mudroom in a basement that's on sleepers, that the advantec on top of the sleepers is level with the concrete slab in the rest of it, and I've got to install 16x16 slate over all of it. Now, once I put 1/4" Durock over the advantec, now, obviously that floor's going to be a 1/4" higher, and there's no getting away from that. Also, there's no getting away from the fact that there will have to be a soft joint where one substrate meets the other. So what I'm doing is putting a slate threshold where the two substrates meet, which will hide the difference in elevations, and then I'll caulk the tile to the threshold on the side where the concrete meets the advantec.

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