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Discussion in 'Carpet Q&A' started by suprdewey, Feb 16, 2008.

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    I have been called many things in my life but this is a first for Grand Poobah. Maybe I should hold for Grand Mystic Exalted Poobah? Is everyone lined up to kiss my ring?

    I am hoping Jon might respond to the sheep erosion and destructive and pollution. Being a Kiwi, he is probably far better qualified to confirm or deny the detrimental effect of sheep on the land than Ben or myself.

    Regarding the environmental costs of recycling PET, I don't have numbers, but logic tells me it requires far less than importing oil from the middle east and extruding virgin material. Closing a loop in recycling has never meant (and has never been stated in this thread) that energy is not required to perform the action, just that the benefits far outweigh not doing so.

    In terms of being informed, I would be happy to post experiences if you would step out of the shadows and do likewise. A good deal of my information on PTT came from Tom Rennie, who I first met about 30 years ago. If you truly know much about the fiber, I'm sure you know who Tom is. Coming from a large specified market service company, I have had very active and frequent contact with all of the fiber companies. Although they all had their own agendas, working with all of them forced one to having a pretty good understanding of the pluses and minuses of each both company and the fibers they made.
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    Or so the marketing hype would have everyone believe. ;)
  3. Peter Kodner

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    Scott, even you have to admit it is better to keep it out of landfills and reusing even small amounts of it than to keep using petroleum to make new. That is not marketing, that is stewardship. Besides, even if mills aren't making efforts as a result of virtue, they are doing something.
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    Figured you need a female perspective.

    As for PTT - the FTC ruling for a new subclass of polyester was handed down on March 20th. PTT is now referred to as Triexta. The history for performance is now in place...carpets have been down since 2005 and the product is the lowest claimed category in Mohawk's history...and the data supports the claims of being as good as nylon Thought the fiber was invented in 1941, it has only been mass produced for about a decade - with Shaw Industries being the first to put it into carpet under the Corterra name.

    As for carpet recycling. There should be a differentiation between residential and commercial applications. Many manufacturers do take back large commercial jobs, Shaw, Interface, Mohawk and C&A are examples. There is an 800 number for some if not all of these folks and there is a fee associated. Shaw is either $1.00 per yard or $1.50 and there is a minimum of 500 sq yards for the job. Called the number quite a while ago. To take this "program" and translate it to a homeowner is unrealistic...she would have to install 4500 sq ft of carpeting, cut it down, palletize it and then it could be picked up after the fee is paid. Not going to she has to take it to someone.

    There is a network of collectors under the CARE umbrella (, but since inception, more have gone out of business than entered the space. There are just over 40 in operation today, so, carpet recycling currently is not "available to the substantial majority of consumers" - a guidelines the FTC uses in order for a manufacturer to make a claim of recyclability (, search green guides). Aluminum cans typically say "please recycle", not even for a system that is somewhat widely available - they avoid the term. This lack of regard appears to be why Shaw is getting such a bad rap for their residential nylon 6 program...and I suspect why Ben called them out. The potential backlash to an industry that is doing good things is scary.

    As for Stainmaster being the best - no way. I have Stainmaster, Wear-Dated and Sorona in my home...Stainmaster having been down for a shorter period of time than the others (barely 2 years) and I need to replace it already. Over hyped with ZERO green story.

    I am not sure what else you need to convince you that the Triexta products are guess is that many die-hard nylon fans will never see the light, but remember - DuPont invented polyester, nylon and PTT - pretty good track record with carpet polymers.

  5. Peter Kodner

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    CG, a couple of clarifications:

    DuPont was not the inventor of PTT. That distinction goes to two Brits, J.T. Dickson and Rex Whinfield, working for Calico Printer's Assoc. Their lab work was in 1941.

    Regarding PET, the ester was first formed in the mid 1800s but was not pursued for any practical purpose until the early 1900s. GE Labs were the first to look for commercial applications. Carrothers (the inventor of type 6,6 nylon) was the first to extrude a fiber from (4/30/30) in conjunction with J.W. Hill (I do not have any further info about Hill).

    Also of note, although Carrothers is the inventor of nylon, Badische in Germany was working on nylon polymers concurrent with DuPont. they patented type 6 nylon 2 or 3 months after type 6,6 was patented.

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