Buying Flooring Off The Internet, by Chuck Milledge

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    Commercial Floor Rep has added another interesting article to The Floor Pro Community. It began life as a reply to a consumer member that was considering buying from an Internet retailer. It was such a thorough and thoughtful post, it just seemed right to give it more prominence by making it a full-fledged article/opinion piece.

    [excerpt=Chuck Milledge]The Internet retailer guys have seriously hurt independent local retailers over the last 15-20 years, and while it’s only my opinion, supporting those sales channels continues to harm and erode the independent dealers, who far-and-away, have more knowledge and ability to sell products properly than any Internet retailer.[/excerpt]

    Read the whole article here: Buying Flooring Off The Internet - Weighing-In On Purchasing Flooring From Internet Retailers Add your own comments by using the comment form below that article, or by replying to this post.

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    Didn't know his last name was Milledge, sounds like a good name for a opinion column in a flooring magazine, The Mill Edge. He's got skills!
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    Thanks guys. It's been a real hot topic for us here lately, so it was a timely question.

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