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    hey guys :)
    I been over a span of about 2 years working on a floor at a local Grocery store. The original wax on the tile has been stained and even stains under that wax. But being a grocery store and lots of traffic, the isles do get cleaned of old wax and etc just from the traffic. Except the edges of course.
    So what I been doing and why it takes me a couple years to get this far is to keep the complete store shiny with wax jobs approx 3 times per year, but I work on sections and the edges and finally get to the point where I can apply Sealer and then Wax and then that area is done .. except I know traffic will take it's toll... so what about burnishing ??
    Is that a good thing to do with these areas that are complete ?
    I not want to see these now completed areas being stripped of the finish as do all other areas that I apply wax multiple times yearly to just to keep it looking good till I can properly strip and clean the floors (edges mostly) in them areas.
    And hey guys, any tips on the burnishing process, please do tell :)
    I do have my own Burnisher, but probably not the correct pad for it.
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  2. Where you located? Do you have a local janitorial supply house? Years ago when I contemplated doing this I put in application for Stanley Steemer and Servicemaster, they didn’t call back and I thank them for that. But the owner of a janitorial supply was very helpful as I bought a few Royal Vacs from them. He stated 7-10 coats of Burnishing wax. (Thin coats of course) maintenance with a neutral cleaner. Edges did not need as many coats or not sure about stripping as they didn’t get traffic. An autoscrubber is one key to keep clean.

    Not sure about sealer applied on each strip job.

    The burnisher years ago they came out with a horsehair/synthetic combo pad, burnishing I assume hardens the wax maybe but produces the shine/luster which one expects.

    I’ve heard a lot of negativity about the maintenance costs of vct, but to me as a shopper I’d rather have white vct than a dull depressing grey concrete. The dam carts ought not make noise otherwise it’s distracting/annoying and I spend probably 30-50$ less when there’s a flat spot on the wheel. Few days ago I was pushing a cart on the two back wheels, I interrupted the manager in appliances and said “it’s quieter on two wheels”, he said something like yes when he should’ve said “you need to put a lot of stuff in it to weigh it down”

    So the impression you should get is a smooth cart, clean shiny floor, then the focus can be filling the cart.

    Also not sure about dust created from a burnisher. I think it should have a shroud with vac to contain dust. I have an electric burnisher. The propane ones in the stores are very annoying. If a battery burnisher is available I’d look into getting one of those, may need another set or two of batteries to change out while the others charge. Depends on the efficiency of the machine whether it’s a viable solution, otherwise the propane will get you complaints of noise and odor from emissions.
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    thnx Mike :)

    Yes I have access to a janitor supply store. I have my own janitor company and do the floors myself while I hire people to do the rest of the work involved in cleaning a building.
    I do have Auto-scrubbers and swing machines too. That swing machine works fantastic to prep a floor for sealer and wax. Then the autoscrubber is used daily on the floor with a red pad for the waxed areas (not course) and a green pad (course) for the areas still waiting or being prepped for wax.
    The aisles that are completed including edges get a coat of sealer to help the wax stand up to traffic. But I also want to do more to help the wax stand up, and is why I want to burnish now.
    My burnisher is electric with a heavy duty and long power cord.
    My swing machine is almost the same machine except it has no level adjustment and the floor is first soaked with water and soap and does swing around to clean the floor while the burnisher is made to go back and forth only and run dry (no water), as you know :)
    I will need to get me that pad (horsehair/synthetic combo pad) and will need to look into getting that burnishing wax too.

    I agree with what you say about a good clean and shiny floor too. And of course a good working shopping cart :)

    thnx for the tips brother :)
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