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    I have been using Bruce Fresh Finish for years and had great results. Now I found that my puppy has been peeing on the area rug. I did not notice for a long time. My son came home and told me. SO I removed the carpet, the urine was like crystalized and I cleaned it up. There is not smell but the finish has a film to it that you can only see when you look at it from a distance (when you are right on top of it you can not see it) Have tried several internet solutions and nothing has worked. I kinda think I need to remove the Fresh Finish and get to the original finish --I think it was called Synteko

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

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  2. It sounds like you already have a plan. As you have surmised, the Bruce product is a polish/temporary polymer finish. As it builds up, it creates a new surface to walk on (and looks shiny/clean). After "X" amount of applications, you are supposed to strip the floors and start again. Some companies say "after every 5th application the polish needs to be stripped".

    The good news is, for every temporary polish, the manufacturers have created a floor stripper. Go ahead and look up Bruce cleaning materials and you will find the stripper that goes with this polish.

    The chemical stripper will be applied, and then you get to scrape it off. It should feel gummy and sticky in the areas that still have the polish. The areas that are "clean" (down to the original finish) will feel squeaky clean like a freshly washed dish.

    It doesn't sound too terrible. The puppy pee simply showed you the path that you were supposed to be on = strip your floors every few years.
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    Thank you Stephanie at Cancork for the suggestion. I contacted Bruce and they said to use IFT or intensive floor treatment by Basic Coating. I guess it is a super strong cleaner that will remove the Fresh Finish. I will give it a go. Thanks for the clue on how to proceed.

    On to investigating the smartest way to do this.

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