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Discussion in 'Food for The Floor Pro' started by icanlayit2, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. icanlayit2

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    Hey,I just finished slaughtering 2 hogs,1 was 750-800 pounds the other was around 500-550.Now i learned some very valuable experience doing this.Killing and processing hogs is much more physical demanding than installing commercial vinyl.Other than the experience i also have about 120 pounds of bacon,130 pounds of sausage of several types(breakfast,german and extra sage).About 70-80 pounds of tenderloin,40 pounds of ribs,boston butt roasts,188 pounds of fresh hams curing(2 54@ pounds and 2 40 @pounds)So many roasts and steaks i don't know how much but the freezer is full to the brim.But,i do not suggest raising hogs from babies,costs way too much.I still have 3 small feeder pigs left about 100#,but they will never make it to hog size,plan is to feed them 500 pounds of food to put some weight on them and then do them in the same day-they should be close to 200 pounds each by then,Which we plan to can in jars.The next farm project is to get a milk cow and steer,To fortify the meat storage,we have 87 chickens canned,so much pork it is unreal.....gotta have some beef.And for the garden project this year,i'm growing super-hot peppers,which i plan on tilling up the old hog lot and filling full of pepper plants-Ghost peppers,Carolina Reapers,Fatalii,Red and Yellow Morugas,every color Habanero,Every color Bhut Jolokia,Brain Strain,7-pots,And Doglah,caya.Plus a few hybrids my pepper friends have shared with me.For some reason i seem to be addicted to hot peppers
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    Around here butchers are butchered at 200 lbs. When I worked at the local meat locker we did a couple at 400 to 450 lbs. To much lard to my liking. The pork chops were kind of mushy. I liked the 200 lbs. butchers better.
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    Well,I have no issues with the meat,everything we have eat so far has been so tender it just melts.Even the sausage is tender.The only problem is all the feed i fed them,does not seem to be a good ratio of $ per pound,i raised them from 8 weeks to now,which was around 15 months or so.The boar meat does have a stronger flavor,but it's still good.The sow is about as tender a meat as i have ever seen.Although,when they get that big they are much harder to work with.So for ease of processing,i think 200 pounds is perfect.750-800 on the other hand is a bit extreme,took forever to scald and process all the meat.
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    Good job. :yesss:
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    Again, I can't even read the whole post before I get hungry and have to go in the kitchen and grab a bite.
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    It's kind of amazing that at one point in history this would be a pretty common thing for a guy to know how to do, now it's like some foreign feat of skill. I've been around a bit of butchering (mostly deer,elk, and horses) and you're right, it's a lot of work.

    Easy with the Ghost Peppers though!

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