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Discussion in 'Carpet Q&A' started by Koda, Feb 26, 2017.

  1. Koda

    Koda Member

    I am using a very small flooring shop (owner and his wife are the only employees) which deals almost exclusively with Mohawk products. He suggested SmartStrand carpeting because we have pets. I wanted multicolored carpet to hide dirt. Price has not been discussed. So he dropped a lot of samples off but they are all either 50% or 75% Smartstrand and the remainder P.E.T. Is this a concern? Does it indicate a lower quality carpet? There are no specs about density, twists per inch , face wt. etc. on the carpet backing. From reading on this forum it seems like this information is important in making a well informed decision. I found no information on Mohawk's web site either. I tried emailing Mohawk several times but have been getting error messages to "try again later". I am also not getting much useful information from the owner. He doesn't seem to know detailed specs, and English is not his first language. We plan on staying in this house a long time so I want a durable easy care carpet. We do have a Lowes nearby but I usually try to support local businesses. Will Mohawk give specs to a consumer if I tried calling them? What do you think of this carpet blend?
  2. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    Do your pets have a lot of accidents? You didn't tell us what rooms the carpet is going in - it makes a difference to some. Smartstrand is a vast improvement over standard polyester, but when it is only 50 or 75%, to me, it might as well be 0%. I wouldn't put P.E.T. in my house if you paid me. I tried to prevent my customers from using it anywhere but maybe the bedrooms. Nylons are much more durable and the better quality stain protection made them as easy to keep clean as 100% Smartstrand.

    As much as I like to see consumers shop with local flooring retailers, in your case, you might want to find one with a better selection and more expertise.
  3. Koda

    Koda Member

    Thank you very much. That was extremely helpful. I came to this website to become a little knowledgeable before making a purchase, found some great information but I am very disappointed that no specs except material content are provided on any of the carpet samples. Do carpet companies prefer we don't know? What is the average consumer to do? Sorry, end of rant.

    I have a large dog, 2 cats no accident issues. Our current carpet is 27 years old. We have decided to only re-carpet the bedrooms and hallway. The rest of the house (with the exceptions of the kitchen and bathrooms which have tile) we are thinking of putting in either Mohawks SolidTech vinyl or Shaw's Floorte.

    It seems from what I can read on this site that both SmartStrand, which I now take to be only the 100% kind, and nylon would be a better choice than the blends. I will stay away from P.E.T polyester. I am mostly interested in carpet that is easily cleaned from general dirt and won't mat down in areas of high traffic like the hallway. I like the multicolored idea to hide dirt. Any specific recommendations would be great. I would like it to last 15 years.
  4. Daris Mulkin

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    To my knowledge there is no carpet that is warrantee in hallways and stairways. The reason is you step in the same pathway each time you use either.


  5. Mike Sliwinski

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    Continuing Rant !

    What is the average Carpet store owner to do ??:mad:

    This problem is frustrating for small retailers too.

    I never sold much, but when I did, I liked specifications to help make the sale. I called customer service from each mill and wrote the specs on the samples...... Face weight, stitches per inch, Twist rating and more, but this would get old after awhile and I'm wondering myself
    why this is.

  6. Koda

    Koda Member

    I called Mohawk and they politely told me they do not give out specs to a consumer. You must be an authorized dealer. No exceptions. This may be common knowledge for most but I was surprised. For this reason, I am not going to buy a Mohawk carpet. Why hide information if you stand behind and are proud of your product?
  7. Daris Mulkin

    Daris Mulkin The One and Only Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    I hope you told Mohawk that. Maybe they would get the hint. Like it isn't a trade secret or anything like that.



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