Bissell Crosswave to clean LVP?

Discussion in 'Cleaning, Maintenance & Restoration' started by eneka, Nov 15, 2019.

  1. eneka

    eneka Member

    We have Coretec in Ivory coast oak installed all throughout our house. We have a robot vac (neato d5) that vacumms every other day and we pull out the Miele and mop bi-weekly. I see that the Bissell Crosswave is going to be on sale during Black Friday and was wondering how you pros feel about it? We have two dogs and a cat so the floors get fairly dirty. I noticed because of the texture of the flooring I need to get on my knees and scrub them ( i use a damp microfiber towel), if needed I'll use some neutral floor cleaner (I forgot which brand I bought, but it was the manufacturer recommend)

    I'm hoping the Crosswave can eliminate the need for me to kneel down and scrub, but was wondering if there are any concerns about a wet vac. I know the floors are water proof and ideally should have now issues. I've also ready about how beater bars and prematurely wear down the floors.
  2. Mike Antonetti

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    So my wife went with a friend that cleans for a living to another friends house, they used this so called crosswave, she told me about it. One day after work I called her and said I’m going to Target to get their credit card and a smart TV, you need anything? A crosswave she replied and sent me a link. I go there, 269.00, hell no, so I get tv, credit card, go to Lowe’s to browse their clearance stuff because I’m a blood hound for deals. Found a few (really wasn’t looking for em)

    They also make one for pets I saw in Daytona Pawn shop, 68$? Good condition, it’s like 320$.

    I’d use it vinyl plank, we have tile and 1/4” grout I’m sure I’ll have to scrub and seal whenever I get around to it.

    Went to an estimate and saw a vac at the curb and wondered how many millions of vacs get thrown out due to hype.

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  3. eneka

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    Ah, will head there to see if there's any returns/clearance in stock. I love a good deal as well.

    Used to always collect "broken" vacuumns off the streets. Quick belt replacement and they're good as new!
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  4. kwfloors

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    Your coretec is waterproof but your floor under it probably isn't. Most just use a Swiffer or microfiber towels. Here are your cleaning directions.

    PDMS - PDMSViewDetails
  5. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti Senior Member

    Sams was 229$ but I refuse to shop Walmart and got Target card just to counter my objection to them. They are higher price but some things are lower.

    My wife uses a swiffer, battery spray? Cause we have a 2-1/2 year granddaughter terrorizing the place with spills on tile, then for deeper cleaning the crosswave will be implemented. Said she can’t wait to use it, how can I argue a price on that?
  6. Chris 45

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    You’re missin out by not going to Wally World. That’s some good people watching right there. Go in on a Sunday after church an everybody is dressed to the 9’s.
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