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Discussion in 'Tools, Equipment and Supplies' started by drclam, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. drclam

    drclam Pro Member

    Anyone with experience or see a table in action ?
    Many decades ago I saw a very large air table in use. I am thinking that would be the cats ass. I wonder how those are made.

    Another option use plywood coated with poly urethane or teflon coating ????

    Ummm, NC or National might have idea's.
  2. Bud Cline

    Bud Cline Tile Expert Charter Member Senior Member Published

    How about an old air-hockey table with the sides/rails removed? Is that the kind of thing you are talking about?
  3. David Hunt

    David Hunt Charter Member Senior Member Published

    I've seen air tables in all shapes and sizes. ((Even saw an air-floor at Carousel Mills years ago)) It really depends on what you want to do on the table. It is my opinion, the only time an air table is an essential is when working a table mount serger.

    I built my first work table in 1992. Too broke to even think of an air table. The top was made from an A/C grade plywood and coated with three coats of a floor grade poly-urethane. A couple of times a year I'd hit it with pledge and it's a smooth as ice on a sunny day.

    Here we are some 23 years later I'm on my third table and plan to build my fourth this winter and the only change will be in size. I've never had any difficulty moving rugs. The large heavy ones get a quick shake and they float any where.

    The real challenge is when rugs are too large for the table and hang over the edge. One of the down sides to an air table, or upsides to a conventional table built in sections, is the ability to reposition the sections to accommodate large or odd size projects. Hope this helps and I do wish you well with your plans.

    BTW: Table height is critical. For me, I've found that 36" works very well.

    Just curious, what type of fabrication work are you planning to do?

    With kindest regards,

    David Hunt
  4. Daris Mulkin

    Daris Mulkin The One and Only Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    It doesn't take much air to make a rug float or slide very easily. I've used my shop vac with a crevice tool to float one. Just put the tool under the edge. Of coarse you want it blowing out and not vacuuming. I've I've also seen one where it was a peg board top on top of plywood on 1x 2 with a cut out in the table to fit a window fan. Like David said " what and how big are you planning on doing? I've been doing binding since 92 and haven't really needed a air table.


  5. kwfloors

    kwfloors Fuzz on the brain Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    That depends on how big it is. I had 3 blowers under a 36' square rug trying to set it and it still wouldn't move with plastic under it. Not much call for such a big rug though.
  6. David Hunt

    David Hunt Charter Member Senior Member Published

    You know, as I think about this more, if I was one rug guy working on a rug, I think I'd put more energy and effort into how the rug gets onto the table before I'd worry about how to spin it. Besides, isn't the whole point of having a table being able to walk around all four sides so you don't have to spin it?

    Unless, unless, and he go back to the table mounted surger, unless you have a stationary machine that requires the rug to move through the machine. As opposed to the machine moving around the rug.

    But don't kid yourself, lifting a large rug up onto a table can make you go 'ugh'. Hope this helps.

    David Hunt
  7. Daris Mulkin

    Daris Mulkin The One and Only Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    I have never serged but a friend who does uses conveyor rollers to let the machine pull big rugs through. I have also done this with my binder that is portable but have mounted on a table.


  8. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member

    Interesting stuff guys, material handling and ergonomics, yes I think some thought needs to go into exactly what you are doing, whether it's on a continual basis, worth the $ to upgrade, for efficiency, profit, available space,etc. then follow thru.

    I'll take a majic carpet ride if you build one!
  9. JPfloor

    JPfloor Pro Member

    For a work table I've found plywood covered with cheap sheet vinyl works well.... Nice and slippery.

    For big rugs we always used the rollers when binding large rugs with the fixed machine. Problem is you have to re-roll the rug 4 times. Tough to do alone.

    If working alone I think the floor and the portable machine is the easiest way to bind a large rug.

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  10. David Hunt

    David Hunt Charter Member Senior Member Published

    One other thought I would share concerning worktables is to have a ceiling mounted power outlet. Hope this helps.

    With kindest regards,

    David Hunt
  11. drclam

    drclam Pro Member

    A little pass due but thanks for every ones help !

    David I just bit the bullet on a new Serger table mount (NC) 9K.

    I could use input from anyone on my air table plan.
    Limited space, wont be able to walk around 3 sides. The helper will certainly end up on top of it. I will probably put it on HD wheels. Leaving provision to pull it out & use a fold down 2nd table as well. I will store smaller rugs underneath. Size will be about 14 ft X 17 ft. Sad but will need to for go the 5" naval gun.
    I have reg cpt dryers/ flooring blower, I would think that would fill up the cavity ok? Also, I have an old HD canister vac.
    Drill holes 1/4"? The poly on top for sure.
    I have a frame plan for the under support. Air cavity height say 2 1/2" ok ??? How do I get around leaving the air cavity open enough for the air to circulate. I was thinking T& G plywood on the finished top w/ vertical 4 x 4' pieces say 24" on center.
    I can still set up conveyor unit and turn the machine when needed.
    It would be muti table, some wide binding there...
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  12. Tony Beam

    Tony Beam Pro Member

    air table

    I have found my air table is invaluable...i do everything from squaring up to making border rugs and don't have to be on my knees anymore. And when binding, a table mount machine is the only option when in house(my shop) and allows for both hands on the material ... oh and is wayyyyyy faster. I could not think of a world with out it. I guess I have been spoiled for 25 years with it.
  13. Daris Mulkin

    Daris Mulkin The One and Only Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    Got pictures? I've threatened to build one but have never gotten around to it.


  14. Tony Beam

    Tony Beam Pro Member

    here are a few...excuse the mess...setting up my singer to the table

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  15. Tony Beam

    Tony Beam Pro Member

    Simple rug i did the other day in about 2 and a half hours using my carpet tome...well my son helped as you can see

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  16. drclam

    drclam Pro Member

    Wow, you cut on top of that as well !? How is the top surface supported w/ out blocking the air circulation. I am guessing the inner cavity fills with air? no air tubes are used? Looks like the table is about 14 x 20+. Are you pumping the air in w/ regular vaccum exhaust ?
    If I built one,would need to cut on top of mine as well.
    Thanks, so much

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