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    [​IMG]During the training in Brazil, the second days of each session were led by Jim Walker and Robert Varden, using beautiful patterned carpets to demonstrate installation techniques. “The installers became proficient at the various requirements of seam construction such as, running a row, seaming and using a glue gun and black light,” said Walker. They learned how to use a powerstretcher and deadman to make their work easier. New methods of adhesive application and the necessity of following the rules of powerstretching, correct seaming techniques and learning how the KoolGlide can assist them were all important elements of the training. They were introduced to tools they had never used, but would help them use their time more efficiently when installing. It was obvious they were excited to learn. Having that many young installers in one room anxious to demonstrate what they had learned is what training is all about for CFI. This experience is rewarding for the Team also as they realize the impact this has on the Industry.”

    Walker continued, “They learned how to seal seams and the importance of this process and how to construct a seam on a hard surface. They learned the correct use of the QEP traditional seaming iron and seaming tools. Every installer went through the procedure of using a powerstretcher and deadman to align patterns and using a wall trimmer to cut and align the carpet along the wall. We stressed that they had been given the opportunity of a lifetime by Beaulieu of Brazil to be the first certified CFI installers in the country. They had the opportunity to elevate the installation standards and be proud of the contributions they make to the industry.”

    Robert Varden, CFI Executive Director added, “Every installer was able to do the work professionally and only positive feedback was received from the group. I demonstrated how to do a bonded insert with the KoolGlide in a white Saxony carpet. They were amazed that they could not locate the insert when it was completed. They also learned how to use the tool effectively.”

    “They learned about pattern tolerances and how to correct difficult alignments. We also provided installation techniques for modular carpet which is also manufactured by the mill. They learned how to cut the tiles, how to achieve different patterns and the use of the correct notched trowel or roller and sufficient adhesive transfer, as well as the importance of preparing the substrate,” added Varden. “We demonstrated how the correct adhesive application cannot be lifted from the substrate and no bubbles will occur. We were there to assist them every step of the way and discovered how motivated and interested they were to be a part of a new experience that will make their lives easier.”

    “There were also numerous questions as to where they could further their training and if it were possible to attend the CFI Installation Academy in the fall in Texas,” said Varden. “This group wanted to learn and I believe they will share their ideas across the country with other installers. Once professional installation techniques become accepted, there will be no end as to what can be accomplished by the manufacturer and the dealer.”

    Walker continued, “Marc did everything right in bringing in young installers to start the country on the path to a new era in flooring installation. He has a vision that will be fulfilled. Stephan Colle, founder and Chairman and Frank Moffat, CEO of Belgotex of South Africa suggested that he contact the CFI team. They shared the work that CFI has contributed to flooring installation in their part of the world. Today, there are installation schools providing bright futures for young people in South Africa. These incorporate the CFI techniques which are taught by Allan deWit, Manager of Technical Support.”

    “The needs of the installation communities are the same worldwide and what Van Camelbeke is doing places Brazil on the forefront of brining an entire trade together to perform the finest work for the customers of Beaulieu of Brazil,” said Walker.

    Sales personnel were also in attendance throughout the sessions taking notes on ways to incorporate the installation into the entire package. Some were included in the construction of seams and the understanding of what is involved in a professional installation.

    Walker continued, “We left them with a greater appreciation of the value of quality flooring installation. This was one of the most rewarding training events in which I have been involved because of the concern of the manufacturer who instilled the thirst for knowledge in the flooring installers. They are now aware of the CFI motto “PRIDE – Pride, Responsibility, Integrity, Dependability and Education.” They will wear the CFI colors proudly and are on their way to sharing the correct methods to other installers.”
    Each evening the team was treated to an outstanding dinner, live music, a magic show and enjoyed the camaraderie of the entire group. The food was outstanding and beautifully presented. The events took on the appearance of a huge family reunion.

    Brazil is the largest South American country with over 20 million residents in Sao Paulo, which from the sky is far larger than New York City with all its sky scrapers. It is a country that is on the verge of becoming a force in the industrial commerce of the world. Beaulieu of Brazil is leading the way in manufacturing and education. The CFI Team also learned about the dedication that began at the top and was shared by the actions of the flooring community.

    Van Camelbeke is exploring ways to continue training using the CFI installation teams and developing a Brazilian CFI Chapter to keep the enthusiasm alive. He is dedicated in his efforts to assist the installation community to enhance the products with the finest installations available.

    More photos are available at DropBox Beaulieu do Brasil Pics

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    Got an email from Jane Walker, CFI:
  3. I was wondering what language they speak there, never been. How is the quality of the buildings I wonder. Seems like tile would be the dominant product.
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    Portuguese and Spanish and a combination of both. They had an interpreter. According to Jim Walker he talked to fast for her so Robert Varden took over the speaking duties. I guess they use contact for glue by the boat load. Just throw out the glue and drop the carpet in.



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