Bartell Global acquires Contec North America

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  1. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member

    Awhile back they bought Innovatech, my ride on scraper brand, now they got Contec, which looks like a pretty good machine. That's the one Nick said that Edco put their stickers on.

    Today, Bartell Global announced the acquisition of CONTEC North America. This expansion will allow for incredible opportunities for Bartell Global to better serve current and prospective customers. By aligning our core values of integrity, ownership, and innovation, and maintaining priority of ongoing customer service, the addition of CONTEC North America allows for an increasing ability to offer a greater variety of equipment to the Construction, Demolition, Site and Surface Preparation Industries.

    “CONTEC North America adds another pioneering, high quality brand to our line of innovative products, expanding opportunities to offer our customers an ever growing range of Concrete equipment,” said Bartell Global’s President, Richard Stanley regarding CONTEC North America as a new addition to the Bartell Family.

    In addition, Richard Tordoff from CONTEC North America stated, “The positive changes brought about by CONTEC North America becoming part of the Bartell Global Family are overwhelming. While Bartell Global is truly a powerhouse in several industries, the personal care and concern that everyone shows for the customers is what really sets Bartell apart. The most important factor in making this decision, was the people. I feel that this is such a great opportunity for all of those working for, and associated with CONTEC North America and Bartell Global alike. Most importantly, the Customers will benefit from the additional resources and assets this merger brings. I’d like to express my immense gratitude to those who have made this possible, and I look forward to a bright future and continued success for all those involved.”

    Bartell started its journey in 1946 and has grown into the Family of Companies that it is today. It is made up of five premium brands, Bartell, Morrison, SPE, Innovatech, and now CONTEC North America. Each have rich histories of innovation and pioneering in the concrete, site and surface preparation industries. CONTEC North America has additional experience of private labelling their quality equipment for some of the top rental focused surface preparation companies. With superior customer service, industry experience and cutting edge technology, these brands work together to cover the entire construction cycle from compaction, placement, finishing wet concrete, floor removal, shot blasting, grinding, and polishing. The new addition of CONTEC North America will add to the many benefits Bartell Global has to offer their current and future customers.

    Wish I had these guys or any of the big corporations with piles of cash problems.

    But anyway, this company seems to realize the issues of floor prep.

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  2. SSGNick

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    ***Will be interesting to see if Bartell allows EDCO to keep the walk behind scraper under private label. They are calling it the Tile Shark.
    I also hope that they increase support and work out the issues we have had with that large walk behind scraper The Bull. Contec NA was slow in responding, constantly waiting for Germany to troubleshoot and shipping replacement parts was a headache. The 2 main issues we had with the walk behind was the vibration would turn the blade motor off every few seconds and the linear bearings that the blade arms ride on would get out of alignment and the motor would shut off.
  3. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member

    A lot is asked of this machine. The impact forces for the metal components are extreme. Not sure about what would shut motor except maybe contacts and springs. It's not temperature which machines have.

    Kind of odd how things get on the market bypassing known issues or if not known should be known. I would think anyone of us pro's can put a piece of equipment to the test and find its weaknesses prior to production.

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